Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aice Nice City

My Mini City dot Com made a website almost look like sim-city game but you build your own city via your visitors (^_^)...Here's my own city in the making

Aice Nice City

I do hope to have more visitors on my Nice City (^_^) click na ninyo para dumami yung building ko kasi nag-contest kami ng tropa ko palakihan ng city weeiii!

Here is the September 29 update of Aice Nice City

Thanks for the visit on my Aice Nice City


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why 8? meme

I got this tag from officemates and close friend Ronald and Siddanz and also blogmate/building mate? Leslie I was really confuse on how to answer this meme, bakit 8?, eight ng ano? ngayon kung eight bakit pala? so I went tru some blog posts in order to understand...

Anyway, I am writing this meme about Why eight (8)? dahil...

Que Otcho?!

  1. Eight is related to my birthday, I was born on the eight month and Although I'm a Catholic, I do not do "sign of the cross" [all the time only sometimes] when I pray because it was written in the Bible "when you pray, do not let anyone know you are praying", nobody knows I'm already praying example before eating and after eating.
  2. I grew up with 7 male cousins and one brother (sa bahay ni Lola) and that was the reason I'm more comfortable being with male friends than females [I developed my masculine side?] ganon
  3. I become a lady when I was 17 (almost 18, I honestly look like 12-y/o on my 18th birthday) that explains why I look so young now
  4. I'm a degree holder but only had one graduation march, because I stopped elementary on Grade 5, I have no formal studies, but selfstudy and (PEPT Exam in DepEd) got me accelerated straight to college
  5. While in college, I'm always the leader in group (Y_Y) I was even named "the Source" kapoy kaayo ai but anyway it was fun. I'm also the player in chess women division in every CT Festival and luckily in Debate our team (me as the prime minister) Assoc. of Computer Technology Students (ACTS) was the champion at CT festival 2006-2007, at swerte rin... we manage to be the First runner up in USeP 2006-2007 Intrams.
  6. I don't want to get too attached with female close friends, (one of my few changes this year due to experiences at the office) because of the Lady in night shift whom I expected to be a true friend but we ended up not good... and another early this year with one lady seatmate whom I thought "she was my close best friend" then it ended up she hated me for things I didn't do (but if she only knew it was brought up because of her actions.) In return those incident always reminds me if ever I get closer to any lady I will detached and pull off. (O-A man talaga minsan kami mga babae, some ladies exaggerate little things)
  7. I love music, and music loves me too (^_^) I can easily learn how to play musical instruments... like play classical music in piano, romantic guitar plucking and go along playing with other instruments using harmonica. I can also sing but only with limited group of people... (to some pioneering employees they heard me sang in our first team building in karaoke) I do not show off my talents right away, due to stage fright, my fingers and voice will not work well (Y_Y)
  8. I love arts and design, this gave me the opportunity to paint using water color or oil painting, I have my set of brushes and art works at home, I usually paint nature in landscape just using the picture in my mind from dreams without copying, (mas madali sa akin kung may subject if ever I'm with nature) nobody taught me I just develope it. I also do crosstitching and crochets.

Ayan natapos narin whew!
I don't need to tag anybody parang na tagged na tanan akong blogroll bah (^_^)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Winner for Where in Davao City?

I did said that "Please state the exact location where I took the photo meaning the street in Davao City example Obrero, San Pedro, Boulevard etc" Actually Princess Cinderella was the first to comment and said the right Location but not the exact location where I took the picture (waaa nalibog pud ko oi! lisod diay mag pa contest sa blog.)
Finally, the winner for "Where in Davao City?" is...

winner of where in davao city

Denxioz Congrats!!!

kasi kasi kasi...
he mention the exact location yes it was kanto Ma-a malapit NCCC Mall actually my explanation...

kasi yung jeep was in that exact location kanto Ma-a malapit NCCC Mall when it stop doon gani para magkuha ug pasahero... so dili siya sa may "dapit memorial park bago mag-adto NCCC Mall".

Just try to go there and you will see the exact scene is different from the shot when you are in Corner Ma-a (^_^) because of the angle in the streets is also different mas mataas doon sa kabila kaysa sa other side gets? (^_^)

Anyway, I already talked with Princess Cinderella and she said "its ok" but I felt lonely kasi halos tama na sana un sagot niya pero may mas exacto nakakuha (Y_Y)

Sige lang next time I will have another contest but this time it won't be money prize (^_^) what will it be?

just wait and see (^_^)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where in Davao City?

Just for fun I wanted to post a contest article (^_^)
Anyone who will guess this picture (click continue reading) will be given 50 pesos...

Mt Apo in Davao City

I took that picture from my own digital camera
nagmamadali pa ako nang kinuha ko yan
ganda bah ng pagkakuha?
ahihihi (^_^)

Drop by your comments and the first one who guess the right answer will be honestly given 50pesos promise well You have to be in Davao City so we can meet (^_^)

Please state the exact location where I took the photo meaning the street in Davao City example Obrero, San Pedro, Boulevard etc... I do not need the exact address just the street ok?

This is a free Eye-Ball with Aice Nice Concepts in person with 50 pesos pa!

so guess Where in Davao City is this picture?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Batang Yagit for Bloggers' Choice Award

Here's my vote for Philippines Bloggers' Choice Award. . . (^_^)

Batang Yagit

Why did I vote for him? (kasi kasi kasi...)

Batang Yagit for Bloggers' Choice Award

  1. He is not only a blogmate but we met personally and he is very friendly.
  2. His blog is one of my favorite blog to read specially regarding technology.
  3. Because Jehzeel wasn't on the list so I voted Batang Yagit (^_^) joke (^_^).

You can check out his blog to see why I voted for him. . . galing niya diba? (^_^)
What are you waiting for?
vote for Batang Yagit narin!

The Philippine Blog Award 2 will not be possible without the following sponsors:

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Canon Service Center Davao Branch

Canon Service Center Davao Branch

September 11, 2008

An unexpected blessing, I never thought the digital camera I bought has a free sun glasses… I saw a stub when I was looking for a manual to familiarize my self with canon. I was hesitant seeing “claim your free CK shades this promo is good only for September.”

Before doing something stupid, I called up Canon
Joy said that Canon is in Obrero, (ala eh dina-daanan ko yun sinasabi niya pero wala talaga akong nakitang Canon doon)
When I called up Canon in our office, Ryan answered the phone, my first question was “is it true that you are giving away free CK shades?” he replied “yes ma’am drop by in our service center along with your Canon box, warranty stub and invoice”
I asked “where kayo dito sa Obrero?” he replied “nako ma’am lumipat na kami, nan dito kami sa Bajada sa may Water District

I was hesitatnt I said “open kayo during Saturday” he said “no ma’am bakit?” I replied “ah ok sige nalang kasi office hours ko 8am-5pm I’m sure close narin kayo” he answered “if you are really coming over pwede kitang hintayin upto 7:00pm”

He gave me his cellphone number he said to text him earlier before 5:00pm kung pupunta na ako para hintayin niya ako… and he asked for my cell phone number… binigay ko eh! (^_^) it’s just a number.

Oh my gosh! I was very surprise ang galing naman ng service nila ha (^_^)

Yesterday I text him I will surely drop by but before hand he already text me first the night before “na sana maka-punta ako kagad kasi paubos na ang mga shades”

Kaya yesterday around 3:00pm I text him na pupunta talaga ako to please wait for me… he quickly replied and said “yes I will wait for you” (^_^)

I asked my good friend Eric pano mag punta ng Water District… sinagot bah naman ako ng “magbayad ka bill Aice? Sarado nayan by the time maka-punta ka doon, sakay ka lang ng Sasa, Panacan or Lanang” so told him my reason bakit ako punta doon. Ana siya “ayos kayo!” mag-pasama sana ako sa kanya kaya lang parang wag nalang.

Dali-dali akong umalis ng office kahapon 4:30pm pa lang naka handa na ako and I was waiting for the time to strike 5:00pm… 5:05pm log-out… alis kagad. Zoom!!!

I know its going to be a long journey imagine from “KM 4 Matina MacArthur Highway” (GSIS banda) going to Bajada Water District banda sa may under construction na Robinson harap noon ang Canon Service Center Davao waaa double ride with all the traffic.

Na flat pa talaga yung jeep sinakyan ko it was Sasa R.Castillo waaa!!!
Stranded between Convenience Store JP Laurel and Gaisano Mall...

Ang hirap pumara ng jeep sa alanganin nasa gitna ng walang yellow box!
High way siya eh!
But anyway it was good traffic, I have manage to ride another jeep (^_^)
Canon Service Center Davao Branch
Ayan nakarating narin ako sa whew!
I wipe my face and fix my hair a little bit
Canon Service Center Here I am!!!

When I entered, they were all males and only one lady, all the guys were staring at me, everyone was speechless they were just staring!
So I smiled and said “uhmm I’m Aice the one who will claim a CK shades?”
then a guy said “oh yes right yes!” I quickly recognize his voice so I replied “ikaw si Ryan?” and he said “yeah yes yes ako si Ryan” and he was staring at me, so I sat down and look at him he was still staring!
I said “uhmm ano dapat ko gawain?” sabi niya “ah yeah do you have the invoice, box and warranty stub? …”

So I gave it to all to him, and the other guy at the counter asked me “USeP ka noh?”
wow I was very surprise only a USeP can recognize me!
So I answered “USeP pud diay ka?” he laugh a bit and smiled “familiar man gud ka ai recognize ka nako”
I just smiled back and he continued “si Ryan USeP pud na siya, madami man dito tiga USeP” so ayon kwento gamay kay mga USeP man…
And so I thought “hmmm…kaya pala nakatitig sila parang nakakita ng multo na surprise sila pagkita sa akin???”

Canon Service Center Davao BranchAfter a few mins… Ryan handled me a long Box with all the shades… hmmm…. yan nag sige na ako pili… Calvin Klein shades that fits on my face was worth P4,490 (Php Pesos).
Now I really don’t know if it’s genuine or fake but the shades has a hologram sticker that said BLi Authorize Dealer, Seal of Authenticity .

(I’m surprise is this really the reality? may CK Shades na ako?!(^_^)

There were only about less than 10 actually, and most design big and extravagant, well CK eh! What can I say?

I wanted a simple design that goes along with all kinds of clothes for everyday wear.

Mabuti nalang meron kaisa-isang natira. (^_^) yipppeeeiii!!! Meron na akong bagong shades.

Canon Service Center Davao BranchGod’s my witness ang tagal ko nangarap makabili ng bagong shades but there was so many reasons not to because of the price the ones that I like are usually 2k up… sabi ko mag-ipon muna ako… my current sun glasses, college pa ako nito it’s AXN medyo may sira na pero it is still very good. Kaya I said sige lang pwede pa man eto.

Anyway about Ryan, hinatid niya ako palabas then he asked “samahan ko nalang kayo magtawid?” I smiled and said “ok”

Well we talked a bit, he asked some questions, he gave me his calling card, he shared some information waaa parang nagkwentohan na kami ganon?!

Gosh! Hmmm… haba na ng post ko ha! CK shades lang dapat ‘kong e-kwento eh!
So to end this article…

Tama nga sabi nila kung may tough times mayron din blessings (^_^) weeeiii!

This CK Sun Glasses is truly worth remembering.
Bow! (^_^)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Canon IXUS 80IS reviews

For so long time waiting for this opportunity to buy my own digiCam (^_^) or a CyberShot mobile... thinking for so many months... then finally I decided to buy a digicam since picture taking are one of my hobbies...
I went to three malls here in Davao namely Victoria Plaza, Gaisano Mall, and Shoe Mart (SM)
...having a hard time deciding between Cybershot Sony or Canon... hmmm san nga bah sa dalawa ang maganda? grrr I wouldn't buy if I can't decide... until one time I heard from so many person I go along with "maganda gyud canon noh!..." etc... all I can hear was Canon.. even my officemate Eric told me "Canon is the best"... eto ang specs...

True to the IXUS Tradition
  • Beautifully crafted with smooth sculpted curves and available in 5 chic colors: Blue, Camel, Pink, Silver and Brown.

  • 2.5” PureColor II LCD screen with wide viewing angle

  • Superb Image Quality
  • Powered by Canon’s proprietary advanced DIGIC III Imaging Processor

  • Benefits:
  • Multiple-face detection

  • High speed ISO 1600 shooting

  • Red-eye correction

  • Low power consumption

  • Lens shift-type Optical Image Stabilizer uses the superior responsiveness of its ceramic ball support system to give you shake-free sharp images.

  • Crystal Clear People Picture

  • Advanced Face Detection Technology is a complete system that captures perfect people picture.

  • Multiple Face Detection intellectually detects and priorities faces in the scene to give you stunningly photograph of subjects’ faces with sharpness and the right exposure.
  • Face Select and Tracking allows users to prioritize an individual’s face from up to 35 detected faces.

  • AF-point Zoom lets you see your subject’s expression close-up before capturing them in their best smiles.

  • Face Detection AE cleverly adjusts to the ideal exposure setting for that perfectly lit face.

  • Face Detection FE captures your main subject in the most flattering light during flash photography.

  • Face Detection WB (NEW) optimizes white balance for the face under any shooting conditions.

  • Corrects and eliminates Red-Eye on your subject during flash photography and playback.

  • Trimming (NEW) lets you zoom in to trim the beautifully captured faces and saved it as a new picture file.

  • Intelligent Blur Control
  • Hi-ISO Auto with Motion Detection Technology detects if the subject is stationary or moving and automatically adjusts to the optimum ISO levels to compensate.

  • Chronicles of life
  • New Long Play (LP) Movie function records longer footages with lesser memory consumption.

  • Time Lapse Movie function ideal for shooting slow-moving objects.

  • Sound recorder offers continuous sound recording of up to 2 hours (depending on the amount of free space in memory card and remaining battery life).

  • Ease of operations
  • Reduce the size of the photographs, which you have just taken instantly with the Resize on Playback.

  • Never miss out now on those precious photographic moments now with the Battery Life Indicator.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of viewing your footages and images upright no matter if you turn your camera horizontally or vertically.

  • Unlimited Creativity Possibilities
  • Special Scene Mode: Kids & Pets, Indoor, Sunset (NEW), Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium and Underwater.

  • My Colors Mode: Vivid, Neutral, Sepia, Black and White, Positive Firm, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red & Custom Color

  • Adjustment of contrast, sharpness, saturation, red, green, blue, and skin tone are available

  • Shoot and Print Direct
  • Print up to A2 size directly from Canon direct photo printers and any PictBridge compliant printer without PC.

  • Easy print and transfer of images with just a simple touch of the Print/Share button. Plan what you want to print before you reached home, using the print reservation function.

  • Exif 2.2 compliant for greater color fidelity when printing to EXIF compatible printers.

  • Connectivity
  • High speed USB 2.0 transfer rate.

  • Direct connectivity and transfer to both Windows (Window 2000 and above) and Mac computers (Mac OSX c10.1.5 and above).

  • Optional Accessory
  • Waterproof Casing (WP-DC22)

  • High Power Flash HF-DC1

  • source:

    This was taken on completely dark room last night in night mode settings with flash
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    I have to close my eyes (hindi baka ako masilaw sa flash noh)

    The other one is taken this morning with Auto flash ON and in my room without light and close window
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    The left one Flash is turn OFF and no light in the room this morning

    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews

    these scenes are taken without a flash on my way to work at Davao River Bridge (Bankerohan) with shaking hands (just wanted to know if I shake my hands in ISO 800 settings will it take good pictures)
    Canon IXUS 80IS reviews
    I would consider this a birthday gift for myself (^_^)
    tagal ko maka decide noh! well better late than never.


    Monday, September 8, 2008

    Facebook: MouseHunt Gold Mouse

    I was very surprise just now when I checked my facebook MouseHunt I have a 10k of GOLD!!! and then...
    I have a notice you have caught a Gold Mouse (^_^) wow ang cute naman ng GOLD MOUSE yey!!! malaki na gold ko yey! dili na ako mag utang sa akong tropa (^_^) as if pwede pud

    eto ang picture

    facebook mousehunt

    unta mahabol na nako akong mga tropa (^_^)

    Here is my Profile in FaceBook (^_^)


    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    How to handle tough times?

    For the past days, many people will not notice that I'm really having some tough times, not only to my tasks "breaking the ice in WordPress problems", had my PC in virus that I thought something was wrong with the codes; then plugins not working with each other, and migrating very huge database (Y_Y)...
    Maybe my knowledge are not enough, I really need to learn more, explore and research, these are all my solutions, but lately I was faced with emotional tough times which I never expected from family and acquaintances...

    My only tool is to pray, and never mix personal problems with work.
    Upon entering the office door I always consider myself as an agent who needs to solve my tasks. But as I ride the jeep going back home, all the thoughts from emotions are coming back. Then what if you were attack with emotional problems within the office? now that another toughest moment, it can never be seen in my actions, but yes, I can't concentrate well on thinking what solutions to do with my tasks, as I learned never stop praying then a thought came up to write all the problem and what I need to do next and just focus.
    Today I'm really feeling dizzy, just want to divert my dizziness in to something positive, so I'm writing this article of my life because I was enlighten by a message from my good blogmate friend:

    James Parmis (8/26/2008 6:20:46 PM): " Tough times don't last... tough people do. Everything shall pass, your sadness or your laughter. When you encounter problems or difficulties, just remember these four words - THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

    He is a Pastor, I never told him anything about my life nor personal experiences these days we never met personally but only thru blogging.

    and also a text message from my blogmate Mark Aethen:

    "We can be happy anytime once we understand that the only place we'll ever find genuine happiness is right inside us. Happiness begins at the point of acceptance: the point when we stop questioning why life can't be perfect and just accept the world the way it is..."

    hmmm, maybe not accepting everything but we can make a move to change and make it better, right? then again if am caught in the corner of no solutions so I will just accept it the way it is.

    I would consider all these as inspiration on how to face one of the tough times in my life.

    I remember sabi sa akin ni Ma'am Madrona in our PCS training, sometimes Angel or the answer to our prayers comes from people whom you interact with, they may not know what are your problems but they can say something para maging solution.

    My Crochet Posts:
    Labor Day Task
    Isis Crochet Videos
    Sick Leave Crochet

    If you look into my eyes
    will you see my love for you?
    If you look at my lips
    will you know it's meant for you?

    Everything happens for reasons...
    Every moment has its own seasons...

    The right time will come,
    we will be together for eternity,
    The right moment will come
    our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

    © Aice Nice Poems