Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labor Day Task #1: Hat Crochet

(^_^) As promise I will make another video of crochet and this time it will be a hat to make you hot... that I meant was warm (^_^) and protected from the wind and rain

Part 1: Hat Crochet beginning
first you make a chain stitch
then circle the chain stitch and connect (that would make the center top on the hat)

after that its up to you what kind of stitch you will use, mine I used "take one, take two, take three" so three by three (^_^)

Part 2: Hat Crochet small circle

these videos are to be continued again... please bare with me...

Patience and time are needed to finish a hat, and I only do it during my vacant time.

(^_^) so watch out for another videos of the Hat next week... if I can finish this hat during the weekend, if... there is NO person who will ask for my service in repairing/setting up their computers... if...

Now; June 1, 2008: finishing of the Crochet Hat here is the video (^_^) and Picture of course

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If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

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