Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Leave Task #1: Video Crochet

My first time to be on sick leave after 10 months of working with Eversun Software Philippines Corp.
I am the type of person who is always present [even when I was in college].
In my 10 months of work, had only one absent (when I was on night shift, no proper sleep [2 hours a day] for 3 days, on the fourth day [Thursday] I woke up 8pm and was very tired!) then I was back on office again by next day Friday.
EmoKitten, Ice9web
Today, my reason was "back ache" T_T... it was my fault, first Saturday I can't sleep, I slept around 3am of Sunday then I forgot to drink my calcium. Mama woke me up around 7am of Sunday and was very worried because my sister was... T_T

No proper rest for the whole day of Sunday and was worried about my sister and am praying for her.

Last night, I slept around 12midnight (my back already hurts). I forgot to take my calcium again.

When I woke up today waaa!!! in my hurry to get off bed, my back was really hurting and am feeling so very tired. I just informed the office can’t make it because of back pains, am taking my sick leave.

Since am the type of person who is always up to something, I really can’t make one whole day without doing anything, can’t stay long in front of the computer, so I decided to lay down in my bed and rest, thinking what to do…

Then I decided to do crochet ^_^ here are my videos:

Part 1: Video crochet of cell phone pouch

Part 2: Video crochet of cell phone pouch

may part 3 pa Just wait I have to finalize my Crochet and will preview it here ^_^

Oh I just receive a message saying that I was featured on this site click here

And now for the continuation of my crochet videos...
Part 3: Video crochet of cell phone pouch almost finish

Final Video crochet of cell phone pouch absolutely finish ^_^

That's all for mobile phone pouch ...
until next time of Video Crochet I will make a HAT!
yeah hat something that I can wear on my head...
^_^ watch out for it.

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