Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to interpret Dreams?

Dreams, Panaginip have you ever wonder what are the meaning of your dreams?
or you just let them be, and go on with your life after you wake up?

If you can't remember your dreams, do you want to know the steps in how to remember dreams?

As for me, I'm a Lucid Dreamer meaning I dream every time I go to sleep and yes I remember them all very clearly, before I even keep a dream journal/diary, but that was before I started college, then I didn't write my dreams anymore unless it was something really weird and very real.

I remember when I was 13 to 25y/o I have so many dreams every time I go to sleep that I don't even know if I'm living on the real world or dream world because most of my dreams continues when I go to sleep again, maniwala kayo or hindi ganon ako
Until such time I research thru books and Internet even on TV shows about dream interpretation...
I don't know if you guys are watching Dr. Dreams during (before) noon time shows at TV, He interprets dreams right away as soon as someone tells him, I was such a big fan of him that I communicate with him thru emails, his name was Roger Ruiz AKA Dr. Dreams, my dreams was interpret by him thru one magazine "Women Magazine", hmmm maybe I can show a photo-shot of that Magazine here because I did kept it. I have to find it asap (^_^)

Thru my communications with Roger Ruiz in so many years via mobile and emails he also thought me how to interpret dreams, since He said I was gifted
(sabi niya according to his interpretations sa mga dreams ko, maiba ako; nag-wonder bah kayo why I love "Eyes" as the symbol of my blog? and do you know what kind of Eye is that? because it was connected to dreams, I will explain this on my future posts not now (^_^) ahihih)

Anyway, going back to Dreaming:

How to have Lucid Dreaming

I would base this suggestions according to my experience and nothing more ok, so it is really up to you if you follow to believe or just ignore it when it doesn't work (^_^) click here!

Never rule yourself just your own always pray to be guided by Lord God and He always let you decide in the end. ~Aice

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