Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why 8? meme

I got this tag from officemates and close friend Ronald and Siddanz and also blogmate/building mate? Leslie I was really confuse on how to answer this meme, bakit 8?, eight ng ano? ngayon kung eight bakit pala? so I went tru some blog posts in order to understand...

Anyway, I am writing this meme about Why eight (8)? dahil...

Que Otcho?!

  1. Eight is related to my birthday, I was born on the eight month and Although I'm a Catholic, I do not do "sign of the cross" [all the time only sometimes] when I pray because it was written in the Bible "when you pray, do not let anyone know you are praying", nobody knows I'm already praying example before eating and after eating.
  2. I grew up with 7 male cousins and one brother (sa bahay ni Lola) and that was the reason I'm more comfortable being with male friends than females [I developed my masculine side?] ganon
  3. I become a lady when I was 17 (almost 18, I honestly look like 12-y/o on my 18th birthday) that explains why I look so young now
  4. I'm a degree holder but only had one graduation march, because I stopped elementary on Grade 5, I have no formal studies, but selfstudy and (PEPT Exam in DepEd) got me accelerated straight to college
  5. While in college, I'm always the leader in group (Y_Y) I was even named "the Source" kapoy kaayo ai but anyway it was fun. I'm also the player in chess women division in every CT Festival and luckily in Debate our team (me as the prime minister) Assoc. of Computer Technology Students (ACTS) was the champion at CT festival 2006-2007, at swerte rin... we manage to be the First runner up in USeP 2006-2007 Intrams.
  6. I don't want to get too attached with female close friends, (one of my few changes this year due to experiences at the office) because of the Lady in night shift whom I expected to be a true friend but we ended up not good... and another early this year with one lady seatmate whom I thought "she was my close best friend" then it ended up she hated me for things I didn't do (but if she only knew it was brought up because of her actions.) In return those incident always reminds me if ever I get closer to any lady I will detached and pull off. (O-A man talaga minsan kami mga babae, some ladies exaggerate little things)
  7. I love music, and music loves me too (^_^) I can easily learn how to play musical instruments... like play classical music in piano, romantic guitar plucking and go along playing with other instruments using harmonica. I can also sing but only with limited group of people... (to some pioneering employees they heard me sang in our first team building in karaoke) I do not show off my talents right away, due to stage fright, my fingers and voice will not work well (Y_Y)
  8. I love arts and design, this gave me the opportunity to paint using water color or oil painting, I have my set of brushes and art works at home, I usually paint nature in landscape just using the picture in my mind from dreams without copying, (mas madali sa akin kung may subject if ever I'm with nature) nobody taught me I just develope it. I also do crosstitching and crochets.

Ayan natapos narin whew!
I don't need to tag anybody parang na tagged na tanan akong blogroll bah (^_^)

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