Friday, September 19, 2008

The Winner for Where in Davao City?

I did said that "Please state the exact location where I took the photo meaning the street in Davao City example Obrero, San Pedro, Boulevard etc" Actually Princess Cinderella was the first to comment and said the right Location but not the exact location where I took the picture (waaa nalibog pud ko oi! lisod diay mag pa contest sa blog.)
Finally, the winner for "Where in Davao City?" is...

winner of where in davao city

Denxioz Congrats!!!

kasi kasi kasi...
he mention the exact location yes it was kanto Ma-a malapit NCCC Mall actually my explanation...

kasi yung jeep was in that exact location kanto Ma-a malapit NCCC Mall when it stop doon gani para magkuha ug pasahero... so dili siya sa may "dapit memorial park bago mag-adto NCCC Mall".

Just try to go there and you will see the exact scene is different from the shot when you are in Corner Ma-a (^_^) because of the angle in the streets is also different mas mataas doon sa kabila kaysa sa other side gets? (^_^)

Anyway, I already talked with Princess Cinderella and she said "its ok" but I felt lonely kasi halos tama na sana un sagot niya pero may mas exacto nakakuha (Y_Y)

Sige lang next time I will have another contest but this time it won't be money prize (^_^) what will it be?

just wait and see (^_^)

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The right time will come,
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