Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Batang Yagit for Bloggers' Choice Award

Here's my vote for Philippines Bloggers' Choice Award. . . (^_^)

Batang Yagit

Why did I vote for him? (kasi kasi kasi...)

Batang Yagit for Bloggers' Choice Award

  1. He is not only a blogmate but we met personally and he is very friendly.
  2. His blog is one of my favorite blog to read specially regarding technology.
  3. Because Jehzeel wasn't on the list so I voted Batang Yagit (^_^) joke (^_^).

You can check out his blog to see why I voted for him. . . galing niya diba? (^_^)
What are you waiting for?
vote for Batang Yagit narin!

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