Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google's New Navigational Links: Vertical and Horizontal Search

I have notice Google have changed in terms of searching so I research and was able to drop by in one article and it was illustrated the difference between the old and new. Posted here is my rewrite article originally made [guided from researched articles ^_^].

To start with, the home page at Google: Screenshots bellow illustrate the old version when you are logged in at Google
isis lahora google
the red arrow is pointed at the vertical search links which Google's have been using for years. Very soon Google will jump from being vertical search to horizontal search on the upper left side of the page as shown bellow
isis lahora google search
the horizontal search are located on “more” isis lahora ice9web, google post
that same link will be seen in every Google properties we will visit. Google called this “Google Navigational Bar” and intended for us to primarily navigate over variety of search properties i.e. Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail. Vice president Marissa Mayer [of search products] said that the navigation bar is “property dependent” that will transform depending on “nearest neighbors” i.e. The search menu above knows you are on search property in that way the search neighbors are listed. Consider the pull down menu bellow when you are in Gmail.
isis lahora ice9web google post
Not only navigational links are new but the “contextual navigation” links will also be shown when we are searching using Google, example: if you do a search; the important results => shows across the Google property search just bellow the field where you enter your keywords. isis lahora, google post, ice9web

if you click the arrow I'm pointing at you can see specific listings from the “contextual navigation” using vertical search engines.

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