Friday, May 23, 2008

Iron Man Movie Review

Just came home from movie with Aubrey it was our first date together in movies (^_^) masaya we even repeated the movie twice but on the second time around we didn’t listen very well but instead we talked and talked!

I know this movie has been shown so long in all cinemas but we have no time to watch (kahit medyo hindi na ganon ka bago ok lang)

Anyway about the movie:
iron man, isis lahora, aubrey jabajab
Anthony "Tony" Stark (Iron Man) is Robert Downey Jr. a Billionaire industrialist, brilliance creator and Stark Industries’ CEO also a leading weapons producer for the U.S. military. He was the son of Project engineer in Manhattan (engineering prodigy) he built circuit board at the age of four and an engine at the age of 6, graduated from summa cum laude at MIT at 17 years old (grabeh talaga talino noh!) he also invented the suit of steel armor (that looks like titanium to me kasi kung talagang iron un nah eh ang bigat)

While on the business trip to Afghanistan to give a demonstration over the new missle called the "Jericho", Tony Stark's was attacked and kidnapped by the terrorist group and commanded him to build the same missile. As an alternative, he secretly built a crude but very power armor run by a miniature "arc reactor", which supplies all the energy to an electromagnet which prevents embedded shrapnel from getting to Stark's heart that may kill him. His assistant in building that suit was killed during escape (while he cover for the time to power up the iron suit).

Using the suit Tony Stark manage to escape. Then he focus in designing the power suit, also builds a extra strong mini-arc reactor to power both his life and the suit. His assistant Pepper Potts hack in to Stane (his trustee) computer and discovered that Stane has reverse engineered Stark’s own version of power suit. Also Stane steals the arc reactor from Stark’s chest to power his armor. They battled and Stark won by defeating him when the powers on the lab explode with the help of Pepper Pot (the lady assistant).

The ending Stark meet with the press, and announce that he is the Iron Man!



The lesson of the story don’t trust everything. And be very careful.

Hayzz inaantok na ako sige tulog muna ako maglalaba pa ako eh ^_^

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