Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reviews of ISP in Davao City

I really wanted to hear from you guys all of the visitors ... please tell me what you think of your own ISP here in Davao City and where is your exact location...

The reason:
our own ISP provider PLDT DSL is not reliable for the past 3 weeks specially on the weekend starting Friday evening onwards then the technician will come to our house either Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon ... imagine NO INTERNET everyTIME YOU NEED IT THE MOST all of us (family members are at home)

In our office we use SmartBro and PLDT DSL... SmartBro was fine for the past one month but slow... PLDT DSL has intermittent connection ever since December 2007...

In our house it started ever since they have changed our username and password because they have changed from the old connection (AT&T using Alcatel) or whatever that is... to new one which I really don't know why the hell they have done that!? changing from reliable to unstable ISP connection

Whenever you call PLDT technical support 171 waaaaaaaa they have so many reason to make you wait... and wait...

Anyway, Guys I really want to hear from you...
what is your ISP provider?
the Speed?
Downtime, How does the Tech support handle your complains?
and of course How much is your monthly bill?

Hope to hear your feedbacks ^_^

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