Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eversun Software Phils. Corp. (Davao Branch) First Anniversary w/Adventure

I just came home from our first year anniversary (^_^)
the place was on the roof top, had a hard time going up stairs but it was ok.

The adventure: (eto kasi unang nangyari wala pa nag umpisa yung party)
While me, Cesar & James was talking and telling jokes, Cesar accidentally threw one pair of my crutches all way from (our place) roof top! to the other side of the building roof top or floor, and that was on the back of our office building waaa T_T...
yes tama nabasa nyo nahulog niya crutches ko pero alam ko naman hindi niya sinasadya (kasi kasi kasi) eh naguusap at nagbibiroan lang naman kami... we all didn't notice may gatla pala yung protective wall sa roof top at doon lumusot yung crutches ko when Cesar swing his arms to tell story...

I didn't think any negative I know that crutches will be easily recovered, sabi ko kay cesar "hala ka yah kunin mo yan T_T waaa patay ako pano yan yah?" so Cesar went down and find a way to get in that other side...while he was out, (an officemate) asked me what happen, then he said "hmmm

let me see if I can go on that other side..." but they both came back saying that all the doors going on the other side of the building were closed T_T waaa...

ano gagawain ko? I can't walk very well with single crutches... pano eto?... tapos may bag yun eh nakalagay (I put my emergency stuff there sa small bag nakakabit sa crutches).

after we recovered the crutches -Aice Lahora
So Kuya Mike said "let me see what I can do" he came back with rope and steel that form like a hook, since we are on the roof top, to measure in your imagination kung gano ka taas? parang forth floor siya sa school building... and looking down when it was around 7:00pm it's very dark...
he tried to hook my crutches but he can't see very well, even Cesar and James have a hard time looking down.

I prayed to God to guide my hands and hope the Angels will hook the small bag at my crutches, because that is the only thing that kept the crutches from not being so flat on the floor, my eyes can't focus very well at first because it was so dark...

I look at the dark sky and look down again when I looked down all I can see was the shining aluminum of my crutches, after I kept on praying, I removed my watch and bracelette... my mind was blank for awhile, I felt cold and nervous, my heart was beating fast, still I can't navigate the hook, the wind was so strong at yung hook was swinging on different directions, then I ask Kuya Mike to put something white on the hook, it could be masking tape or anything para lang makita ko kahit kunti yung hook, he got a white plastic, then after I kept on throwing the hook, James and Kuya Mike was there beside me to help me navigate the rope but still I can't see very well because it was dark and the wind was so strong.

(kulbaan na gyud ko bah) after the second attempt I throw the hook again for the third time, this time I felt some force in me, and I let James and Kuya Mike let go of the rope, I was the only one navigating it, I prayed that the wind will help me navigate the hook over my small bag and the Angel will hook it... after some seconds I can see very well where the hook is located, and I can focus between the hook and the bag... then I pulled it slowly I can feel at the rope that the hook was indeed holding the bag along with the crutches...

I said to James "I got it..." then I told them to pull it very slowly while I navigate it going up... and asked Kuya Mike to get the stick he was holding awhile ago, because I can see the crutches might touch the barb wires over the side of the building (at the first floor) I didn't look anywhere, I was focusing on the crutches and prayed to let the Angel balance it (imagine yung hook nakahawak sa gitna ng crutches I was afraid it will go off balance and the crutches might touch the barb wires, if the hook will let go of the crutches (iniiwasan ko mangyari yun) or else it will be so much harder to pull it off kapag nasa barb wire na...

while Kuya Mike was holding the stick he help me to make sure the rope will be far away from the building's barb wires, then I slowly navigate to pull it up while Cesar was helping too, (I was really nervous its like some strong energy was in me, my heart was beating so fast) when it was about near the third floor I ask James to hold the crutches right away if it comes near...

Yipee!!! James got hold of my crutches... and he congratulate me because they find it amazing, mahirap po talaga makita yung hook kung san napunta.... I thank God for hearing my prayers as well as the Angels was with me too (^_^)

this experience don't happen everyday promise pasalamant talaga ako sa Diyos at mga Angels.

The Anniversary Party:
a picture with the singer -Aice Lahorahmmm I can't say much of any happenings except it was entertaining Kiev on the piano and Gerald at guitar of course Elvie Basco's voice she sang so many songs...

oh I wanted to participate at the games, but since the adventure with my crutches, I felt like I was exhausted, don't have the power to mingle with officemates, I just want to sit in one place and be quite, look at the dark sky with almost full moon, and the bright city lights...
jean diaz and Aice Lahora
I really don't know why, am too behave but I will talk if someone do get near me but if they go away to talk to another officemates, I don't want to mingle just like I used to do.

I was with James, Dane, Henry and Dante while we ate our dinner, and after which Ma'am ask us to be inside (near the stage) I sat with Rhea and her friends... then I came back to go near Elvie... then all of them was busy with the games (it was basketball) that I couldn't play... I was alone, but I didn't mind...

Francis (from night shift) was the only one whom I talked with so long because since we are both web developers we had so many things to talk about one is the Wordpress website of our clients; how we solve problems etc... There was an instance, I was early (which often happens) at the office and he was late going home, I felt it was him but I had no courage to get near him because I wasn't that sure if it's him, well until such time we did meet and talk personally I'm happy talking with him... sharing insights... Cesar also mingle with us, so our conversation was getting colorful. Then three of us went home around 11:15pm.

Finally, may be I can post in here how lovely Elvie's voice and they really sounded like a true LIVE band! imagine wala pa yan formal practice they were all just early to practice for a few hours galing talaga!

I really like the part when Gerald and Rico sang "Kahit Kailan" from Southborders (^_^) ahihihi Fan kasi ako ng Southborders and that song is one of my favorite, that I couldn't help to sing along with them (charing! buti nalang hindi bumagyo, nasa roof top pa naman kami noh!)

agents of value

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  1. The "accident" happened last night was a disastrous nerve-cracking insightful reality, proving that mother nature can be annoying sometimes.

    Thanks that we have these courageous invisible Angels behind our back!!!

    Where's the pics and videos, Ice? excited to see it.

    Feel free to visit my niche and let me know your feedbacks.Want to know the Survivor Insights? Click Here!

  2. Pictures and videos coming up... it will take time to get it from my officemates

  3. Correction...I didn't "threw" your crutches...It "fell off" the whole on the wall. There's a difference.

  4. @cesar:
    gani accidentally thrown away from our place basa basa bah

    "yes tama nabasa nyo nahulog niya crutches ko pero alam ko naman hindi niya sinasadya (kasi kasi kasi) eh naguusap at nagbibiroan lang naman kami... we all didn't notice may gatla pala yung protective wall sa roof top at doon lumusot yung crutches ko when Cesar swing his arms to tell story..."

  5. hi aice! weeeeeeeee^_^ ang saya din naman ng Party eh... wahehehehe....

    sino ban iyong dalawa na hindi sumunod sa Dress Code na Black and White?? As in.. grabe wala na jud ko kabantay bah.. kay nikiat naman gud ko..hayon tuloy na special mention pa ako kasi ang tigas ng ulo ko :(

    sinabing lumipat kami sa harapan pero hindi agad lumipat.. heheheheh

    Asa naman tong pic nato duha? kadtong gi pic gud ni kuya Cesar?


  6. wala pa nabigay ni Cesar un pictures sa akoa Jean

    sige lang maya maya baka nan dyan lang balik balik lang tanaw dari ^_^

  7. Ey Ms. Ice, we really didn't notice something that grave happened. Tsk, tsk,tsk. hindi nahalata sa yo when you approached us. Glad you got your crutches back...

  8. @roy:
    yeah you missed so much! hindi mo nakita un mga pa-sikat na hindi sumunod sa Dress Code at tema na Black and White (^_^)

    (ahihihi wala lang joke lang po)

    bato bato sa langit
    ang tamaan wag magagalit

    yeah masaya siya parang si Jeff lang talaga todo power para mapasaya tayo, kulang nalang tumalon siya at mag sirko sirko sa harap natin (^_^)
    hi jeff joke lang stay cool!

    Salamat Rhea medyo natakot din ako doon sa roof top ha...
    pero pasalamat talaga ako sa Diyos at mga Angels (^_^)

  9. murag enjoy mo da..rooftop pa!..hope I was and white? daghan man naka blue and black...brown and white sa pictures ninyo...naa pa pink and white...what are you guys talking about?

  10. @anonymous:
    yeah the color was Black and White you can wear anything basta may BLACK and WHITE ka na-suot

    so ok na un Blue and BLACK
    or pink and WHITE

    pero there was one or two person ata didn't wear anything from BLACK and WHITE (^_^) ahihihi pasikat!

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    Isis D Lahora
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