Friday, May 16, 2008

NoFollow or DoFollow Link Tag?

I have just done my routine ExLinks check on my "Nice Cool Links" and removed those whom deleted my link on their index page T_T
and also relocated (to "more cool links page") those whom have moved my link to their Link Page. hmmm...
and to those whom have put my links into NoFollow Tag then I will also do the same thing...hmmm that's just to be fair right?

Since I'm not that busy, I have to research something related to my task as Web Developer and Internet Marketer on my client's website hmmm the Topic I chose for today is about NoFollow and DoFollow tags, will it really put your PR high or Low?

surfing... and researching...
so here are my notes:

DoFollow is a normal link that look like this
<a href="">Ice 9 Web</a>

but a NoFollow Link will have the addition of rel="nofollow"
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Ice 9 Web </a>

The nofollow link tag is to provide Link Builders with the opportunity to add a link to a website without leaking PageRank to the page they have linked to. Unfortunately, MSN and Yahoo appear to ignore NoFollow Tags and we have seen links with Nofollow tags appear on site searches in Google as well, so The question is, how effective are they to prevent PR leakage?

Nofollow tag was made to avoid forum spam and blogspam, where most people simply leave useless messages (but in Blogger Comments are automatically set to NoFollow Tag so you don't need to worry about it being spam) to gain some benefit from the links on the blog or forum.

NoFollow=NoValue. So Why NoFollow on text ads, sites, and your blogs if there is NoValue in terms of search engine indexing? What if Google directory was made to use nofollow? Will anyone continue to buy listings?
Absolutely, the worth of that directory would be totally nulled because of nofollow tags were applied to the links.

No Follow S U C K S!!! because the search engines (particularly Google) can not make up their mind how and when it should be used, thus causing confusion among inexperienced Developers and Link Builders who do S T U P I D things like No Follow ALL outgoing links from their website to “protect the site from page rank leakage” very silly ideas.

No-follow is one of the poor search engine’s solutions to conceal its own failure to rank websites appropriately. ano sunod, NoLinking?

Search engines will be able to develop a rule of identifying and devaluing links to spam sites which were placed in blog comments as do. . .

NoFollow S U C K S Learn and Check It!

What are you insights on NoFollow tag? Do you support the use of NoFollow Linking?

I hate those who will link my page with NoFollow Tag... just watch out for it I always do my routine check, FF do its thing I can automatically detect links with NoFollow (grrrrrrr humanda kayo ganon din gagawain ko sa link ninyo!)

Feel free to share your insights to me via Comments.

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