Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's Birthday and also the 1st year anniversary of our office Eversun Software Philippines Davao City branch the company's party it will be celebrated this coming Saturday May 17 at the building's roof top with Black and White motif.
Anyway, back to the main topic... my dad.. He made me use the computer back when I was only 5y/o that was commodore-64 then Vic20 then Apple-II(hindi na ata bumili si dad ng Apple-I) then became the first DX series of IBM PC's up to Pentium 1 and present...

daddy girl Aice isis lahoraI remember the first computer I used => was not using a diskette but instead a very big memory card that you insert (sobrang hirap kasi matigas) infront.. (we still have one at home and the very first Apple computer) then it uses a tape like a cassette tape... tapos un malaking diskette na 5inches meron pa nga ako noon eh ^_^daddy girl Aice isis lahora

also he taught me to basic programming in DOS pa noon, Dbase I/II/III, Clipper.
I had my first job using wordstar-3 to 7 nagamit ko yan because my dad had so many clients before that doesn't have an encoder, I was only like 11y/o when I had my first serious work with computers and was earning like 1k a month (mahal na yan noon) and since then that was also the reason why kabisado ko ang computer when it comes from hardwares to softwares because of my Dad... (he used to be the branch manager of Xerox at the same time his hobbies was repairing computers before then he became a system programmer)
sabi ni mama most of my attitude came from dad being strong willed, determined, hardworking at philosopo (^_^) kaya minsan kapag kami na nag-uusap ni daddy it sometimes end in arguments and debate (^_^) waaa ang saya!
and of course my dad also teaches me to play guitar... but he enrolled me in Fernandez Piano School (ahihihi!)

What can I say, almost lahat yata natutunan ko kay si daddy ang dahilan even reading the encyclopedias and Bible, (except the crosstitching and crochet kay mama na yan at lola ^_^ weeeiii!)

hmmm sometimes am looking for someone who had my dad's traits (an engineer or programmer) but still my dad is one and only man that can never be compared to anybody. so wala na akong hinahanap mashado (chemistry is important).

Happy happy Birthday Dad!!!

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