Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 of 2011 Happy New Year

1 Case of 36 Sky Lantern Fireworks WhiteHappy New Year!!!

It was more like an ordinary day we don't have media buena like we used to. I was the only one left in (from the three siblings) our house. And I think that's the reason why Mama didn't cook.

I spent so much this month more than 20 thousand this includes my 13th month pay and savings. People around me would think I'm single who doesn't have much expenses but they are wrong! They never realize I have a family and my needs.

In the morning just after washing my face my aunty called to help her how to do video call.

Then in the afternoon I did my laundry (beddings and some clothes).

I didn't realize my cell phone was left inside my room and someone was calling - two missed call.

I text the missed called person in the evening and then had dinner. Afterwards, fix on some things that needs to be done.

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