Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 of 2011

The Sixth Sense (Two-Disc Vista Series)Three days of no work no pay, I decided to play MouseHunt and CafeWorld in Facebook. . . more seriously? (as in e career gyud!) 2 of my other MH account now have Ambush the other have ACRONYM hey! I didn't know it was easy all you have to do is to concentrate and do the tactics!

I'm bored and went blog hopping on my exchange-Links List. oh my! I'm surprise that a few of them doesn't exist anymore and some have changed their site - and what forget to re-link my site?
Hmp! Once a person remove my link then I will do the same. No more strings attached forever! period.

I remember a new blogger, lets call it "page rank climber" he asked for an exchange link and because he asks nicely, I linked his blog. When his blog gain the page rank after a few months, he removed my link, I left a comment on his blog but he just ignored. When I removed his blog link after 3 months, his blog page rank became n/a. Again asks for an exchange link from me, I replied to him nicely "ok I Link your blog again with payment, because you removed my link and even ignore my comment".

When I was a neophyte in blogging, whenever I asks for an exchange link, I make sure I will never remove it once approved. So that I can visit thier blogs every free time I have to leave comment of encouragements and interesting ideas etc. . . That's why after some time their blog friends are the one asking me to link thier blog. And so, all of us formed a very strong link farm. We never remove each other link. All of us have page rank too.

Anyway, this reminds me that some people forget the meaning of "be in the vines". Or in other words "Don't remove yourself in the vines." specially if one vine accepted you wholeheartedly without payment.

This is also the same as I remember the teaching in the Bible - to be always in close with the "Word of God" (Vines). And stay in close with the Vines and not to remove God in our life.
Salvation is a free gift (without payments) that comes through hearing - the Word Of God.

Read more regarding The True Vine in John 15:1-8

Three (3) days of rest, I'm more relax. Reading the Bible, listening to Pastor Chuck Smith through the Bible. And sleep sleep and sleep. (^_^)

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Every moment has its own seasons...

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