Sunday, January 20, 2008

What is Thinnest Laptop? for 2008 "MacBook Air"

Notebook are PC's laptop while Powerbook are Macintosh laptops

For the longest time I dreamed of having this new technology computer that is very light to carry laptop... and now it came... MacBook Air part of what we call before the series of Powerbooks
but its... Macintosh waaa in our City here in Davao it is rarely use in business so if you have one softwares compatibilities will be the issue and it's not combatible with PC's desktop computer.

For Video Example:

The Price:
1.6GHz model costs $1,799,
$300 more than 2.2 GHz black MacBook, and $200 less than the low-end 2.2GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro. Or you can go wild and configure yourself an ultimate MacBook Air for $3,098—almost $300 more than the 2.8GHz 8-core Mac Pro.

nako mahal pa!
sige will wait for Acer or Compact to manufacture a laptop that is light as the MacBook Air ^_^

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  1. hi there!
    can we xchange links?
    i added u already!ow

  2. hehehe yeah macbook air is the thinnest.. pero wait for VAIO.. matatalo yan! hehehe

  3. @julia:
    yes na link na kita 2days ago pa

    sana nga maka-ipon ako for laptop na magaan na at lahat ng kailangan ko ay nan doon na ^_^
    kailangan ko talaga magaan at madaling bitbitin

  4. portege r500 vs. thinkpad x300 vs. mcbook air

  5. teka...look familiar ah! aheheh..

  6. @bugITs:
    ahihihi uu na nga halos pareho tayo post ^_^


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