Thursday, September 3, 2020

Reader's Digest Fun Facts?

Today, finally finish picking up the pieces of my broken ...
When you thought he is the one - who turns out to be - a lesson to be learned.

Still, glad "Klaver" became a special part in this lifetime, even though it was quite short... the memories stay.

Actually written a lot of prayers for him in my private diary... just for me to realize all the lessons learned. Also, pray he has learned his lessons as well.

For now,  don't want to get into any "loving" relationship... sometimes I thought maybe my husband to be is waiting for me in Eternity?

Now as the title of this post ... want to make a comment on...

This list was taken from Reader's Digest Fun Facts

  1. Funny people are those who are most serious when in love. (absolutely true, but someone told me just recently, "he rather want to be taken seriously", he didn't know how serious I am, and was only hiding my emotional pain from making it sound like a joke.)
  2. Did you know that every time you see your crush, your life extends for 4 hours? (hmmm, maybe I should not delete all his photos in my cellphone? or maybe I should? cause I don't want to extend my life in this world living alone?)
  3. According to a study, when you find out that someone likes you, a little part of you starts to like back even if you have no feelings before. (kinda! but still, it depends.)
  4. When someone gives you a nickname, it means you are important to that person. (huh? I did give him a nickname... and true, he is important to me, but he doesn't feel it I guess?)
  5. When a woman's ring has the same size as the man's little finger they are meant to be. (oh really? so my future husband... make sure you measure it on your pinky finger? (^_^) 
The number 5, hmmm still is a debate cause there are a lot of couples in this world I think that doesn't have the same size of ring and pinky fingers but they are good for each other. 

Also, learned that to meet the right partner is "to be the one".
But we are all work in progress while we are still in this world. So, patience is truly a virtue...

To be with someone - to accept all the flaws she/he have. And, not to be a perfectionist about the person ... because nobody is perfect... if you think about it... 
if I was perfect? I wouldn't be here right now... would be in Eternity living with God my father in Heaven... like this one of my favorite songs goes...

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