Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gangnam Davao - Cafe and Restaurant

My first time in this restaurant...
Truly delicious!

I try to order this one:

At first, the waitress served the FREE side dishes (depends on your order)... for my order these are the free:

While waiting for my order ... See The ambiance:

Now my order arrived... I was surprise to see they serve big...

Forgot to take the picture of the rice... it is actually with 1 cup of rice...

With my order, I have a chance to get a refill of the delicious side dish :)

And since they served big... I wasn't able to finish the beef... it is totally delicious... money's worth!

Felt so FULL... I only ordered Americano... served in a mug:

After all the eating and drinking coffee... I tried to go inside the toilet... surprised of this technology on the wall:

the buttons are in Korean script... never tried it what is that STOP for? and AIR for?

On top it says Flush button, hmmmm before pressing it... I closed the toilet cover ... I don't know if something might malfunction or going to sprint water on top of something yah know... (^_^)

Everything are so clean!
Totally clean and the tiles are not slippery... very well maintained.

The waitress are accomodating.

Now for the menu.... (this is not a complete menu)

(^_^) I can recommend this restaurant if they are craving for Korean food.

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