Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy InterNaut Day!

WOW! 25 years na pala ang Internet!

Happy Internaut Day. The web went public on August 23, 1991, and it's come a long way in 25 years.

in my experience 1996 man ata kami nagkaron ng Internet sa bahay...
dial up modem na sobrang ingay!
tapos ilan beses pa ang tries para maka-connect then it will take more than 1-min para mag load ang isang page with images... kaya stick lang kami sa no images as in purely text lang...
at MSN pa talaga ang pinaka BIDA sa lahat!
wala pa si Yahoo at Google.

grabe kung e compare ko from those days hanggang ngayon... super duper ang evolution!

I would consider myself only 16 years as InterNaut kasi year 2000 talaga ako nag explore mabuti sa Internet (already have my own Desktop) as in covering all corners... was curious where the websites came from? how it is develop? what it needs to connect? why was it invented on the first place? bakit may virus?

sa sobrang curiosity ko - naging web developer talaga ako for more than 10 years! (^_^)
If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

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