Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nice Agents with Values

This would be my first post in August (^_^) why?
Well so many sad news I heard lately, close office friends resigning, changing places, freelancing, etc...
I'm wondering if we have kept in mind why we work?
I was browsing on my stuff lately to put off those I don't need and keep some important and meaningful ones then I was inspired to re-write a poem (^_^)

From ups and downs to the SARCASTIC SMILES
Our HAPPINESS is like a river that goes on for MILES

Our attitude's clash, worries feel our rage
Think of it as a BOOK simply TURN to the NEXT PAGE

If our Future unites us, makes us stronger in time
We must WORK TOGETHER as a Team we will Shine

We have to remember that TRUST is the key
It needs to be EARNED nothing is free

Through the thick and thin that ALONE WE ARE NOTHING

Back to my questions what are the main reasons for you to work?
is it money?
or just having fun?

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Nice Agents with Values
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  1. Of course for money to support my family and myself too ^_^

  2. For me all of the above but the most important thing is i am happy in short i am having fun on my work and i love it very much...

  3. nice poem. it made me think that the only constant thing in this world is change. i have been a lot of jobs in my life since i was at college. i have noticed that people come and go every seeks for new challenges new opportunities new life for them to fit or for them to know more. although they. siguro ganun lng talaga, we keep on moving searching for something maybe better maybe worse, but we have our choices if we will learn from all this things. hehehe, ay oi pa englishon man ko nimo ice. :p

  4. Yes I totally agree with Jigs Peligrino that the only constant is change. We are all aware that everything happens for a reason. And the reason is pre determined and beyond anybody's intellectual capacity. lol. joke ra to.nosebleed na ko.hahaha

    Sa tinuod lang nice kau imu poem ice. Keep it up and more stanzas please.hehe...BY the way, I work for many good reasons. I worked for better future and for world peace.bow.^_-

  5. What ever there reason why they leave a certain company or there jobs is non of our business....hehehe, People now is very adventurous, they tend to go further with their lives to know and test their limits and capabilities. Yeah of course if the Job offer pays more that he/she earn in that certain company he's working now, it's a person instinct to jump in that Job cause he think that this certain company can provide what he needs ika nag "greener pasture" bah..hehehe. But it's not all about the money sometimes because of the working environment or the company itself doesn't provide a right benefits in their employee.Right now I'm happy with the kind of Job lands at my hand and I considered these as a blessing. I have many good friends here and a good client. But if ever the door of greater opportunity comes knock on my door,and it could give me the things that I need and could enhance my skills more...why should I reject the blessing...right?...nice poem ice...like it..muah

  6. All of the above! But that news is not surprising anymore! In fact that's a good news that EMPLOYEES soon realized that there are more good companies awaits for them outside! Maybe they are searching for more useful benefits than the benefits offered by the company (^-^)

  7. Hai!..."That's" Kaayo imo header image dayyy...!

    Bitaw...generosity is better than religiosity...

    But there never has ever been truer in this world that would rise up to the Heavens...other than sincerity...

    Oh di vah?! pang-Miss Universe...

    (applause, applause!)

  8. It's so hypocrite to say I don't work for the money...

    At least I worked for it.;)

  9. To Everyone nalang po (^_^)
    bale para sa akin i worked for the reason of
    30% for improvement of myself
    30% because of money
    20% because of the office environment meaning how you get along with officemates, office location... facilities etc...
    20% living with the company's policy and admin attitudes kung kasundo ko bah or baka maya pinag-iinitan na tayo waaa wag naman sana (Y_Y) palayo po toktoktok

    thanks at least nagpaka-True ka (^_^)

    yeah fun with work is important it will not make you feel like working at all

    thanks, parang science ata dating natin ha (^_^)

    nosebleed gyud mao diay red imong face kanina ahihih joke (^_^)

    Princess Cinderella,
    yeah you have a point syempre wag iwasan ang blessings (^_^)

    syempre some employees realize that blessing din un eh

    header gyud (^_^) applause pa gyud

    yeah most work for money while some only for experiences siguro (^_^)


Thank you for your message (^_^)

If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

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