Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kadayawan in Victoria Plaza

I was surprise to see the sales ladies in Victoria Plaza Dept. Store are dancing every hour during my Kadayawan shopping with Mama, here is a video I recorded.

(^_^) nice sila noh

I haven't watch the Kadayawan parade personally on the streets... so I have no pictures to show (Y_Y)

But I have one video to show when I saw this biggest beer ever in our streets (^_^)

ahihihih (^_^) galing pagkagawa



  1. Hindi mashado madami un tao sa victoria plaza dept store coz everybody is at Gmall dahil sa mga artista (^_^) then again ang daming affortable sa Victoria may nabili pa akong jeans dating 739 naging 350 and the Jag dating 1200+ naging 600 wahahah nice talaga

  2. uu nga dami tao sa gmall.....kainis di ko nalapitan o nakita man lang si john lloyd...hahaha...wow naks nag sasayaw pala sales ladies nila duon..hmmmm...layu kasi victo di ako masyado pumupunta dyan eh..hehehe...nice yung beer ang laki noh...kaso hindi din ako pumunta sa san pedro and init kasi eh...hahaha

  3. princess cinderella,
    bale sige kasi ako daan dyan sa san pedro going to office (^_^) kaya ayon (^_^)

  4. hi gwaps.. xlinks ta. na add na tika.. thanks

  5. sorry mobisop,
    i don't see any of my links on your site.


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