Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kadayawan Event Cosplay Metro Ave Davao

Kadayawan Event Cosplay Metro Ave Davao

Kadayawan Event on

August 17, 2008

Metro Avenue Davao City

Here are the pictures in Cosplay Metro Avenue Davao, taken from my camera, joy's and aubrey's "Princess Cinderella" camera... Thank you so much

I went to Metro Avenue around 4:00pm and saw the singing competition wow they really have pronounce the Japanese lyrics very well I'm impressed, so sad I wasn't able to take any photos on that event because I was seated at the side area (Y_Y) pangit kuha kung sakali

Anyway here are the pics slide show:
loading please wait... (^_^)

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Cosplay at Metro Avenue Davao City



  1. ang laki laki naman un picture ng beer (^_^)

  2. had enjoyed reading your blog entries....wen pala mag.end ang festival?

  3. hi informaxona,
    the event just ended today (^_^)

  4. *Great Beer* Wahehehe, lol XD

    Hmmm... For aice: What if, you will also be given a chance to cosplay... Who will you choose as your cosplay character?~

  5. wahahah anonymously joy (^_^)
    hindi ko alam sino character...
    un nalang naka red dress (^_^)

  6. wow nice slide show ha....sorry now lang naka busy kasi, btw si joy pala yang anonymous na yan???hmmmmm......

    I really enjoy that night..hahaha....lalo na yung pa picture picture sa mga anime character....muah

  7. princess cinderella,
    oh yeah katawanan kaayo to nag pa picture ta (^_^) enjoy!


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