Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

I just had a chat with Janet Toral and she told me to join this The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008 after searching and looking at my blogrolls who to include I decided to put in these bloggers.
Here are my entries:

The stolen Child
the child in spirit but very mature and never missing, Was he kidnapped? No one knew, but I think he was never Stolen... and it became a mystery why he choses that tag line... Again, no one knew where he was ...but, this Blog does.

Am I Lost?
a coffee lover, addict sa coffee, he word on the same company as mine, I don't know if he still does? his blog just started but went to PR-4 right away... hmmm he put all his talents as a link builder?

BlogSite that talks about web programming, he is a web developer, my previous seatmate, now working as freelancer, he writes programming experiences, techniques and ideas for AS, PHP, ASP.net and JavaScript.

Only Pencil
A latino artist, I really like the way his talents and skills was use in an excellent way, super creative, his blog is all about pencil and nothing more just pencil, drawings and sketches using pencils.

Valerie Joy
she calls herself a novice programmer (but I do not think so) she also talks about web developing in her blog writes about her personal life with a touch of CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and AJAX. we work on the same company.

Ice 9 Web Company (Co.) with Chili Cools (CC) Ideas
This blog talks about company management with chili cools ideas about peer counseling. It's another successor of Ice 9 Web (^_^) but less of the personal stuff and more information.

Batang Yagit
one of the influencial surname here in Davao City but calls himself Batang Yagit (its the opposite of the reality), also a freelance web developer, his blog talks about his experience in Digital world and personal life with the touch of SEO, and so much more... Just visit his blog and you will know.

a graduate of information technology, no wonder his blog talks about information technology, he has so many leadership qualities SSG President, DOST Board of Director and President... kaya nga sobrang kulet.

Isis' Insights
Here is another personal blog of Isis' she talks about anything mostly things i.e. gadgets and technologies and happenings under her life experiences.

What you need to know about BLOGs
A squidoo blog for novice bloggers, you can browse information about blogs namely blogger, wordpress and joomla platforms. Also highlights the first Mindanao Bloggers Summit.


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  1. hi ice! thanks for the nomination..its been an honor! ahehehe.. good luck to all!

  2. Hi Aice! Thanks for the nomination. I appreciate it very much. :P

  3. Thank you for joining. Note that the following were accepted:
    1. Batang Yagit
    2. GenusProject
    3. OnlyPencil
    4. ValerieJoy
    5. what you need to know about blogs

    The rest started before July 2007. Should you update your entry and replace them, let me know so I can include it in our tally. Thank you.

  4. JanetteToral.com
    Ok po, will change some listing of mine ^_^ just wait and see and will let you know

  5. Hi! Please check out http://marroxas2010.blogspot.com if it deserves your list.

  6. yes kevin ray:

    MarRoxas deserve my list just wait for another list i will make.. sorry if it took me this long to approve your comment I have to background check your blog first because my family are involve with politics I ask them first and I'm very keen in promoting any political blogs. In short I just want to be safe. (^_^)

  7. Kung ganahan lang ka, basin gusto ko mohapit sa akong food blog...? :)


  8. I should be in the top spot! My G what did i do to deserve this?

    Salamat Pow!

  9. Ang sarap ng blog mo Blogie! (^_^) very delicious nakakagutom

  10. @roy B.
    My G as in Gosh you really deserve it kasi one of my mentor in PHP ka eh (^_^)


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