Sunday, June 22, 2008

What causes Allergy and or Asthma?

From the title itself these are my experiences for the past days.

I just disappeared without notice, from officemates and friends. why?

One reason was... because I am hurt...
to some "people" who mimic my cough, yeah I have been having cough for almost a month now. I know cough mimic was just a joke, (sure it is) but also make sure to put your silly jokes in place, para sabihin ko lang sa inyo a person who are already sick don't want to hear stupid jokes that can add damage to the injury.

It's really not my attitude to create stupid jokes to any person related to health or disability.

Anyway, "cough" I don't know what causing it, so I decided to disappear, have a rest and doctor's full checkup on my health... it turned out to be NORMAL, to my surprise NORMAL ang mga health examinations, walang infections or bacteria in my blood, and when the doctor did the chest examination, there was no trace of asthma, kasi wala daw siyang marinig na "hish" sound, she keeps on repeating the test (she let me inhale then exhale) wala talagang trace of asthma. hmmm sabi ni doc "sige mag pa Xray ka nga and lets do another examination". ok lang ako ng ok.

So the findings turn out to be an allergy.. ALLERGY! ako may allergy??? sabi ko "saan kaya yan makuha doc?" sabi niya "mostly sa dust, pollens and environments..."

I thought "dust, environments" ngee! I graduated at University of Southeastern Philippines four years ako doon I finish a degree but never experience an allergy with dust! pinaglilinis pa nga kami ng rooms; walis dito, dusting feather here and there or else clearance will not be signed... kunting aching lang ma-experience ko tapos noon wala na... I never have allergy with dust even on streets... since most of my classmates are not that rich, I have to adjust with them, meaning walk with them in the streets. Yes, I experienced so many times walking over the streets from USeP to Victoria Plaza Mall vice versa and from Domart Electronics shop to NCCC Uyanguren Mall, ganon ko alam na matibay ang sikmura ko pagdating sa mga NORMAL dust and NORMAL pollutions in the streets.

I kept on thinking ano ba un meron ngayon na wala sa buhay ko noon?

ano yung present ngayon na wala noon... wala sa buhay ko noon at hindi ko pa na inhale that cause me allergic reactions?

until such time I ended up making a list!

pag-alis ko bahay, I ride Obrero jeep which I rode ever since in my college days na ngayon nakilala ko na halos lahat ng Obrero jeepney drivers ^_^ sa mukha lang ha very few on names.

then I ride Toril or any jeep going to Matina... which I also do when I was on college... we visit UM Matina for Cheering competition, Seminars, and etc... basically streets dust and smoke pollution lang yun hindi naman ako allergy doon.

dust sa office? nyah! mas malinis naman ata yun office namin kaysa sa classroom sa USeP noh definitely more cleaner than the rooms I experienced in college, and our office is not even carpeted so there is no reason it will retain some pollens or very tiny dust that can't be easily cleaned.

until I even imagine what are those present at home and in the office: hmmm A _ _ _ _ _ at the office...
tama! I remember before it was clean almost everyday tapos I can see the filter was sun dried outside, since it was turned off before 7:00am to 8:00am and kuya arrived office 6am, inaalis na kagad niya yun filter para matuyo na before 8am
pero ever since it was not turned off 24-Hours ON during weekdays; once I saw kuya cleaned it while it was ON waaH!!! meaning walang filter while it was ON???
so many tiny dust can enter and be spread while there's NO filter and it's turned ON ... waaaa!!!

Although this was my one and only culprit as of the moment. I CAN NOT SAY I AM 100% SURE. (The only reason it was my culprit because I remember when I was with my Lola during her last [life] years in our house, on her room naka-Aircon siya palagi... everytime they clean the Aircon "aalisin yun filter", ma-remember ko noon I experience cough kapag inaalis yun filter that I make sure I'm not present in the room ayoko talaga yun feeling Y_Y )

I have emailed our admin about my insights... And I'm not angry nor anything against our office. I WOULD still like and want to work with our office environment because I know that our administrations are doing their best to solve problems and act diligently on every employees' concerns.

Note: understand the fact that we are all but humans. People make mistake sometimes we should be aware of that anything written here are never intended to go against any entity.
In short am saying that:

"Aircon DUST since it is the tiniest can cause Allergy and trigger asthma if you have one"

Here are my few research about allergy

The immune system is the body's organized defense mechanism against foreign invaders, particularly infections. Its job is to recognize and react to these foreign substances, which are called antigens. Antigens are substances that are capable of causing the production of antibodies. Antigens may or may not lead to an allergic reaction. Allergens are certain antigens that cause an allergic reaction and the production of IgE.

The aim of the immune system is to mobilize its forces at the site of invasion and destroy the enemy. One of the ways it does this is to create protective proteins called antibodies that are specifically targeted against particular foreign substances. These antibodies, or immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD), are protective and help destroy a foreign particle by attaching to its surface, thereby making it easier for other immune cells to destroy it. The allergic person however, develops a specific type of antibody called immunoglobulin E, or IgE, in response to certain normally harmless foreign substances. To summarize, immunoglobulins are a group of protein molecules that act as antibodies. There are five different types; IgA, IgM, IgG, IgD, and IgE. IgE is the allergy antibody.

Many allergens, such as dust or pollen, are airborne particles. In these cases, symptoms arise in areas in contact with air, such as eyes, nose and lungs. For instance, allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, causes irritation of the nose, sneezing, and itching and redness of the eyes.[6] Inhaled allergens can also lead to asthmatic symptoms, caused by narrowing of the airways (bronchoconstriction) and increased production of mucus in the lungs, shortness of breath (dyspnea), coughing and wheezing.

So to all who have read this... I'm happy to say I HAVE NO VIRUS if you're an officemate and you're experiencing cough? hahaha! definitely did NOT came from me.



  1. Please have an "Open and Wide Mind" before judging the writer of this article.

  2. am asthmatic and i know how embarrassing it is once you get into coughing spells.

    but asthma can be managed actually and prevent these "kaulaw" moments. see a pulmonologist who could give you the proper medication to cure and/or prevent asthma from reocurring.

    nice blog here.

    and yes, hello from the tuna capital.

  3. Hi Tuna (^_^) este Bariles pala :)
    joke lang po!
    thanks for the tips

    But I already had the doctor's check-up on my chest there was no trace of asthma... baka siguro kung meron papapunta niya ako sa pulmonologist kaso wala eh (^_^)

    ingat ka sa mga alikabok ha!

  4. Hmmm.. My mom always believed that I am asthmatic because of what the doctor said when I was a child(4 or 5 yrs old) but I think I'm not or if I have maybe it's not that serious.

    Anyway, asthmatic or not, we should always take care of our self daily and never let your guard down. It's for our own good.^_^

  5. tama nga Henshin:
    we should never get our guard down

    bale ako noon maliit ang allergy sa akin is Milk... But i have manage to develop an immune for that by introducing it to my system little by little... ngayon malakas na ako uminom ng milk (^_^)

  6. hi aice! first time ko yata mag comment dito sa blog mo :) well first and foremost, i didn't know that pnapaandar yung aircon while walang filter. of course kasi hindi ako kasing aga mong dumating :)) thanks for the input you've shared here. now i know nkaka trigger rin pla ng asthma and cough ang aircon KAPAG walang pnapaandar tpos wlang filter. tma ba? hehehe. and meron pala tiny dust na hinihigop ng AC? hmm.. :-?

    well nweiz, kun cno man yung naga mimic sa coughing mo.. tyak igo kaau xah dari simuhang gsulat. hehe!

    c ya around ice! it's nice to see u back :) ingatz sa dust ulit :)

  7. hello Perpetual Bliss

    yeah its your first time to comment ahihihi

    bale once ko lang un nakita not always at dito lang po sa baba i don't know dyan sa Taas

    yeah it can nagtanong tanong na din ako bago ako nagkaron na hint

    thanks for your insights

  8. Hi Ate Aice!

    I'm maybe late to comment but it's always better than not to. Hehe:D

    Indeed allergy is a terrible disease. I've been dealing with it since grade school. I wrote a blog about allergy attack, you may want to read it.;)


  9. yes Marydane:
    Better late than Never (^_^)
    kaya pala noon night shift tayo medyo sneezy ka kasi nakaharap din yun aircon sa inyo noon eh :(

    anyway ok naman yung place mo ngayon :)


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