Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mindanao Bloggers Summit

isis lahora, mindanao bloggers

mindanao bloggers

mindanao bloggers, isis lahora Blogging here at NCCC Mall Davao using my office mate laptop CNSQ
i was not used to laptop computers coz of the keyboard are too small, anyway, here I am adding up the details

... medyo natulog pa ako kasi I have not sleep since Friday of 6pm up to now kaya ayon pag dating ko ng bahay tulog kagad...

So here I am updating this post, Sorry medyo parang tele-opera ata ang dating nito parang "to be continued" ano?

Anyway, since I have gathered enough energy to post again so here are the details as far as I can remember ^_^
mindanao bloggers, isis lahora
syempre Since me and my office mate Cesar was the first bloggers who came at the scene at ako pa talaga yun una nag perma sa attendance sheet so my number was 0001 and my office mate was 0002, as in wala pa talagang ibang visitors except us or maybe there was but I just didn't notice... basta kami yun una nag attendance.. imagine exactly 9am nan doon na po kami, I saw Blogie was still arranging and the rest of the organizers are setting up and making sure everything works just fine... So the First speech was with Blogie Robillo yan po siya sa photo

mindanao bloggers, isis lahora
then afterwards, si Councilor Peter LaviƱa held the speech he talks about “Blogging and Participatory Governance” he also mentioned na si YugaTech was the one who taught him to blog at pinakita niya yung very first blog he made. And also he said that "cellphones are now free! when you subscribe to a certain network" meaning you only pay the services of it but the hardware is Free so maybe in the near future, Computers may get FREE if you just subscribe to the IP service provider, he also jokes that "kaya siguro wala yun mga kabataan dito kasi umuwi sa province for SK elections ^_^"

mindanao bloggers, isis lahora
pagkatapos niya speech next was, Bob Martin of wow amazing man! all I can say is that he walks to almost all parts of Mindanao ang dami niyang na share na experiences on his speech “Blogging in Mindanao, Travel and Technology” after niya speech I really can't forget siya yun naka-hulog ng microphone ^_^ kasi ang lakas ng tunog eh naka-ON pa yun Mic... then he got to the slide show were he let us see all the pictures (the memorable ones) meron pa nga siya na mention "bahay kubo" that he likes that house so much but his wife wanted more fancy than that! and everybody laughs ^_^ he is such a funny guy
mindanao bloggers, isis lahora tapos meron pa doon picture ng mga churches and natives nakita niya sa daan and he took a shot with him basta all of his pictures are really amazing.

then after him followed by Father Alejo have a presentation on “Socio-Cultural Mindset of the Mindanaoan” meron pa nga siyang pinagbibili na DVD and book ata yun, I can remember he said that "we are blogging for culture understanding" bale to understand each other culture mababasa natin yun mga blogs ng ibat-ibang tao sa mundo .mindanao bloggers, isis lahora
i can't remember so much kasi I was so sleepy at this time ^_^

then we have lunch Dimsum Diner served lumpia, fried chicken, pancit bihon and iced tea.

Tapos ng lunch nag-speech si Kim Castillo talk about her transformation from “Emo Blogging to Niche Blogging”

tapos un cute na si Jayvee Fernandez about “Blogging as a Way of Life, Problogging & New Media” ang gwapo ng boses.. pang DJ ang dating eh

tapos niya si Marc Macalua gave the tactics on “How Writers Make Money Online” the SEO Philippines sayang wala kami picture together!

meron akong speech niya na record ko in wav format weeiii! ^_^

then afterwards, we have the open forum between Jayvee, Marc, Kuya Andrew, Abe, and Bob
eto here are the shot:
mindanao bloggers, isis lahora

I also won the Hosting with DOMAIN name of my choice from NoKiAHosting weeeiii 0001 yun last tinawag nanalo!!! and I was so lucky to finish the summit because around 2pm I was really so sleepy that I feel like floating and imagining sleeping in my bed.

see you around Next Year meron daw event around March 2008, and the Next Bloggers Summit!

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