Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Eversun Software Philippines Corp. Bloppers ^_^

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This bloppers is one of the funniest in the night shift agents ^_^
Xtrimist has a crush on one of the agent in other branch then it happened around 3am when Xtrimist try to send a multi message with the two other seat mates which are Charlie and Prince... did I mentioned Xtrimist is sleepy? ok!

That is why he didn’t notice aside from clicking the YM ID of the two agents Charlie and Prince he have had also clicked the “group name” itself
so it turn out to be a mass message over the entire office mates, which I myself have included and all the Project Manager, Operations Manager in all the “other branch”,
And to top it all his crush name has almost the same name of one of the Project Manager in the other branch…

his message was “hay Vanes wer u na?”
so the project manager (who got the almost same name) replied to xtrimist:

Vanessa: huh?
Vanessa: yep Xtrimist?
Xtrimist: sory wrong send
Xtrimist: heheh
Xtrimist: slipy lng ako
Xtrimist: :D
Vanessa: sinong vanes hinahanap mo??
Xtrimist: fren ko mmam]
Vanessa: ngeeeeeee
Vanessa: why did you send your message to all??
Xtrimist: mali po un
Xtrimist: wong click
Xtrimist: :D
Vanessa: ay nako!
Xtrimist: heheh censya na mam
Vanessa: si Vanes ba na hinahanap mo agent from our branch?
Xtrimist: hindi mam
Xtrimist: fren ko d2 na tinatawag ko
Xtrimist: agent din cya d2
Vanessa: haqy
Vanessa: huh?
Vanessa: Vanes???
Vanessa: sinong agent yan?
Xtrimist: lalake po cya
Xtrimist: c Charlie
Xtrimist: im just teasing him
Vanessa: Charlie?
Xtrimist: Charlie Chaplin?
Vanessa: complete name please?
Vanessa: ah si Charlie
Vanessa: bakla ba si Charlie?
Xtrimist: heheh wla lng
Xtrimist: pero hindi po yan cya bakla
Xtrimist: :))
Vanessa: whaaaaaaaaaa
Xtrimist: i guess this is one of the blopeers
Xtrimist: hehe
Xtrimist: ma blog na ako nito
Xtrimist: :))
Vanessa: hay ewan ko sayo
Xtrimist: :)

There you go one of the bloopers that I Blogged!!! and Xtrimist agent is at my side I was shock too knowing he could make the very funny mistake of his life…
Anyway as I promise all the name of the agents and the project manager was change.

Guess what? Everybody was fully awaken by this tremendous funny event of the night shift agents.
And his crush even chat with him for a few mins so meaning he did have gotten the attention he deserve.

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AoV outsourcing to the Philippines, AoV Outsourcing service and Outsource to the Philippines AoV bloopers


  1. hahaha! bloopers talaga yan..
    kapangalan pala ng isang PM...
    lagot! alam ko kung sino yan...
    a a a a a a

  2. Thanks sa mga nag comments ^_^ nice one nga eto kung alam niyo lang na parang nabulabog buong office sa kamalian ng isang agent ^_^

  3. YES it was so funny kahit ngayon we always tease him ^_^

    naka marka na yan sa mga night shift agents

    waaaaa ^_^


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