Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Call From BPI "Rewarding Me" Free Annual Credit Card Payment

Yesterday someone called me from this number on my mobile:

he was asking if I received my statement of Account from my credit card...
 I replied him why? what are you're talking about? 

he said that "to Disregard any bill from Annual Payment because BPI is offering Free Annual Fee... "

And then he asked for personal details like verifying my birthday ... exact address ... etc.. 

told him:
why are you asking personal questions?
If you're truly from the bank you should know all those details and not ask!

he insisted with an argumentive tone:
Ma'am, I need to confirm so I can make your credit card Free Annually!

naisip ko:
akala ko ba sabi mo kanina
"Disregard any bill from Annual Payment because BPI is offering Free Annual Fee..."
Now you're asking details for verification to make it Free?
 wow! halata kana mashado bah.

I Hang Up ... and look at the call logs... then blocked his number...

And also reported the said call to BPI website contact us

and yup a customer service from BPI replied to my email and also said that the phone number is not related to any BPI employee and they will never call to ask for verification details for promo nor rewards.

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