Wednesday, January 20, 2021

My first time ordering vitamins outside Davao City, Ever since the lockdown started all necessities are ordered online from grocery to medicine... Usually, I ordered in MedExpress that is the pharmacy from Davao Doctors offers at first they have "Free Delivery" then again recently they are charging too much in delivery even if our house is very near to them... And, they are often out of stock these days! So, I search for other ways to order online... and found this site

I download the app in order to get that 200 pesos off on my first order but upon checkout, there is a huge amount of "tax" added on the grand was around 500pesos plus... was thinking how about my PWD discount? I have a prescription here how will I ever use this?

Found on the website that you can email them for help... so I did... automatically someone replied my email within few hours of sending it... and someone text me on my mobile... and even called me ... oh! Customer service is excellent.

Her name was Khyle, she told me we can continue our transaction via Viber... or email... to send her the picture of the doctor's prescription, PWD booklet, and my ID so she can give me the discount... I paid via Gcash... They do offer COD, but since my cash is limited for emergency use... need to do all expenses via online transaction...  payment first before shipping... 

Since it is my first time to order I didn't order that much :) just around 2k pesos. I'm confident that I can destroy their website reputation in case they don't deliver the end of the deal. So I did pay first before they ship the products.

I ordered: 
  • 1 box of NeoroBion 
  • 2 Bottles Enervon C 
The transaction went well... shipping took a lot of time ... it is ok ... I understand as we are far from Luzon (North)... we are at Mindanao (South) ... so on the other side of the Philippines... They are connected with Ninja Van... so expect all transactions are Ninja Van delivery that also requires showing your ID upon receiving... My rating is 5 stars.. Thank You!


You can create a profile and order to on this link.

Marami pa akong dapat e-order pero wala din sila stocks sa ibang kailangan ko ... Anyway, marami din naman pwede mabili sa website nila... marami din ako gusto pa bilhin sa kanila so ... Thank God for leading me on this website (^_^)

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