Tuesday, September 25, 2018

PWD Reminder in Traveling

Reminder to Myself:

Not all people are truly aware of your situation. Never blame anyone. Just take it as a lesson and be thankful you saw their true colors.

You can only trust God. Jesus will never leave you, and He will give light in times you feel alone, scared and lost.

You know in your heart and mind God told you to grab this journey because you are there for a purpose and not just for a reason.

The only frustration was you planned to buy stuff for your church mates but it didn't happened because nobody was there to help you carry things around the market... Because all of your companion was very excited to tour around than helping someone like you.

Realize that buying stuff to yourself, family and bff's are eventually heavy...

So in the future you know = DO NOT exchange a lot of Local CASH to budget "pasalubong" cause that is way too hard to happen - specially if nobody assures that they are going help you carry things around.

KEEP IN MIND to budget only for yourself and your family and "tips" for those Airport and hotel assistance. Never forget to buy LOCAL INTERNET at the airport upon arrival... because as what happened.. right?

Your companions are walking so fast understand that "they are not using crutches"
... if ever you'll get LEFT BEHIND Again alone in the future.. USE THE INTERNET to locate where your meeting place!

(Still God do provides assistance and He never leave you alone...
Even though you were lost alone, someone was there right away - to remove all your fears... Ptr. Jimmy Morales (take note of the last name what your grandma have told you.) (^_^)

Anyway, what really matters that deep inside your heart you're happy because you know that you have served your purpose (as a bridge to heal the past) and not just for a reason... (to have a mark in your passport! LOL)

Video Remembrance of my first international flight.

My first time to see a GIANT WATER LILY in person!
which is way too precious because as I just research = are endangered

The scientific name of this organism is Victoria amazonica. The common name for this organism is Giant Water Lily.

General Description
Victoria amazonica is in the Plantae kingdom. The flower itself is white and only blooms at night. The colour of the lily changes however when it is pollinated to a pinky purple. When the lily is still white in colour and needs to be pollinated it gives off a butterscotch and pineapple scent that attracts the beetles that pollinate the flower; another way the flower attracts beetles is its power to heat up the core of the flower. If the heat outside is 85°C then inside the flower can be up to 95°C! The flower is approximately the size of a soccer ball and only lives for three days.

The most interesting thing about this flower is the large leaves that it creates. The leaves can grow up to 46 centimeters in size and can hold up to 136 kilograms, the leaves are flat before growing rims at the edge of the leaf. The leaves are strong and stiff thanks to the strong bottom of the leaves. The bottoms are covered with spines to help support the ribs. The bottom of the leaf is maroon in colour. The Giant Water Lily does not grow year round in areas where it is not a native species, such as Great Britain; it only grows and reproduces in the summertime when the climate is warm. However, in its native Brazil and in the Amazon it grows all year long, due to the optimum conditions.
source: http://tolweb.org/treehouses/?treehouse_id=4851

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