Saturday, April 9, 2016

CT Scan Updates

for the Good News CT Scan Updates:

Thank you so much for praying... the post effect of bacterial meningitis - hydrocephalus is now completely under control and stable, according to the CT scan results.
I wasn't able to undergo any neuro surgery due to financial crisis.
But Thank God although there is 0.35 water present in my brain, it remained as is, for more than 7-months!

I started to take Usana products 3rd week of July 2015...

And I can remember I had a monthly checkup on my neurologist around August 2015, and the doctor saw improvement in my eye pressure checkup, He did told me to continue the maintenance meds (cetamid), But the last time I took it was at the end of August 2015... Because I am already starting Usana Essentials, Biomega, Proflavanol C100, and CoQuinone 30 which are very expensive!

And, I challenge myself, how will I know if the headaches will still be present without any maintenance if I don't stop the meds? (that medicine is Cetamid can also damage my liver!)

I praise God that my headaches was lessen without it... and I still continue to take Usana Products...

and October 2015 checkup: the doctor asked me to have CT scan, to see if there are changes... the result was still the same "stable at 0.35"... and I told him I'm not taking any cetamid anymore hehehe ...
He was surprised and asked me "what are you taking?"
Told him, "remember that Usana images "supplemental facts" I showed to you before?... those are the supplements I'm taking since July 2015...
he just said "ok then continue taking it! And see you January 2015"...

We all know what happened to me on January 2015, my left foot was hurting so bad that I wasn't able to go neuro checkup...

Just this week our HR asked about my condition, and requested a medical certificate.

Yeah! I remember, of course!... I was focus with my left foot pain and hurting that I forgot about my head condition...

So just recently I went for CT scan... I wasn't afraid of the results because I know that God is working in me and Usana was the tools He gave me to take.

Well here is the recent result:

take note of the "The lateral ventricular index remains at 3.35."

And, I am allowed to work full time! (^_^)

Thank God for healing!

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