Saturday, July 7, 2012

Does True Love Really Wait?

Yes for me, it does - true love wait.
“So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her..” -Genesis 29:20
ice9web solutions: Well I'm not expecting for a man who will serve my father for 7 years in order to get me... but you see in reality it does take time to really know each other, we could be in the infatuation stage.
Other side of us would do everything to be with each other but the other side is telling us to take time to see and get to know each other better.
If we are meant to be together, God will never remove that desire in our heart, even if it takes forever, I mean if two person are really meant for each other that desire will always be there, no matter what happen proven to the test of time.
Even if sometimes we get tired and bored of waiting still that desire will be there cause God will provide it for both parties.

Waiting for the relationship to grow first in the foundation of friendship is I think the best thing and then slowly but surely end up becoming as one.
Nice Christian Life Experiences
If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

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