Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saragani Highlands in General Santos City

Saragani Highlands in General Santos City
Touring General Santos with MBS2
Sarangani Highlands:
Elvie and I explored the place (that was the reason we were not included in the MBS2 group picture at Sarangani Highlands it's ok we had fun exploring the place) Sarangani Highlands have a stairs going down to where we found different types of cottages and fruit trees(^_^) it is still under construction but the place is definitely ready to be a tourist spot. I can imagine how more beautiful it will become in few months from now hmmm a mini garden of eden?
My digi-cam battery run out in Sarangani Highlands gggrrr sayang talaga! I use my mobile camera which is not that good.
When we got to the Pacquiao Mansions (yes with “S”) I was surprise to see two big houses instead of just one ano tig isa sila ni Jinky - Manny's wife? Ahihih joke lang poh!
Saragani Highlands in General Santos City
Saragani Highlands in General Santos City
The first thing we saw was the garden in front of the first mansion, there was a mini bridge and waterfall fountain. . . It was awesome! then we were lead to see the side part of the first mansion where the second mansion was located there was a swimming pool in between the two mansion. . . Saragani Highlands in General Santos City
Saragani Highlands in General Santos CityAnd you can see the garage area of the 2nd mansion where all the cars and motor cycles collection are parked. gusto sana namin ni Elvie kunan ng picture kaso we heard there were bloggers na sinita of going there to take pictures bawal daw doon na part kaya sumilip nalang kami
Then afterwards, we got to pacific seas' store, and let us taste the different cook of bariles like Tuna Tosino, Tuna Bar-B-Q and so much more sayang I can't remember all of them sa sobrang sarap eh! (^_^)

Saragani Highlands in General Santos City
Overall, I would like to say that General Santos is one of the nice city in Mindanao that is worth visiting and investing your money (buy a house and lot) with fresh sea foods all year round.

About the transportation? I was quite surprise to see tricycle everywhere including highways, it was so fun to think you can ride tricycle everywhere from the door step of your home and they will drop you in any places within the city. (diba spoiled ang mga commuters!)
when we got into Gaisano Mall of General Santos, there were tricycles all over outside the mall (unlike in Davao City it was Taxis and jeeps)

Upon riding to the terminal I told the tricycle driver about my observation he replied that the mayor in General Santos is making the move to remove all the tricycles but since it was numerous the government can't get rid of tricycles in highways.

In my conclusion, I hope General Santos can keep tricycles as means of transportation service because it can make the city very unique from the rest and also keep their environment less polluted/traffic ito think they have big highways and only tricycles, private vehicles ang transportation No Traffic talaga!)

If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
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The right moment will come
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