Friday, May 9, 2008

Flickr Banner Generator

I was amaze with this Flickr Banner Generator that we can put in to our blogs as widget be it header, sidebar or just within any posts. Just enter your username and it will produce a widget from your Flickr account...Here is my example

ice9web Aice Nice Concepts

If you are interested you can access the Flickr Banner for your Site by this link



  1. I have tried it installed on Wordpress and of course blogger (^_^)

  2. Hello Aice kumusta na? I am more into IT stuff now. Please update you link. My new site is

    -- neolle

  3. off topic here...Happy mom's day

  4. @neolle:
    tingnan ko muna un new site mo kung nan doon din link ko ^_^

  5. @cielo:
    thanks sorry medyo late un mothers day post ko but i have one


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