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She came but she’s gone

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She came but she’s gone

I was 10 and 2 years old, when I first felt this indescribable feeling, she was the only sweet, cute and intelligent girl I knew. We both went to the same school, and of course I always wait for her during class dismissal. We enjoyed our life as simply as we can be. She lived in an exclusive village while I had my home beside their place, a squatter area so to speak. But even though they had all the richness I think of, her parents are so caring and lovable towards me. I just wonder, is it because they don’t have a baby boy in the family? Well, I just don’t know.

We only have a week to go before graduation day. But, I am still speechless in regards with my feeling to the girl whom I believed I fell with, a puppy love? Maybe. One afternoon, after our commencement practice... she proudly delivered the news to me, “BF, I will be going to a private school for my high school. How about you?”

I was shocked, it seemed the whole world stopped rotating; it seemed that I am alone; it seemed that…., oh I really couldn’t understand the pain I felt. But I managed to response, “that’s great then, my gf?!”

(BF and GF are the names we used to call ourselves.)

After then, I spoke to myself, “oh what should I do? Will I go to the same school with her? Will my parents bring me to high school?”

Many questions ran in my head but I couldn’t find the answer. Then graduation day came, I walked at the stage with honors for I graduated as valedictorian while Lyla (her real name) marched as 1st honorable mention. As expected from both sides, we went in separate ways for High School; she enrolled herself to a private institution in the other country while I studied at a high standard Science high school.

Freshmen’s life will start soon in June but Lyla need to fly early for they need to accomplish her documents for school. I couldn’t take control of myself so I decided to go to our private play place (this is what we call our playground), and there, I found her, lonely and alone.

“Hi Lyla!” I opened.

“Oh its you my bf, how are you? You know what? I will be going to the America tomorrow, my dad will be working in an IT company there and I will be there for school” she replied with sadness in her eyes. “Actually, I am expecting you to come in here today. Here, keep this, it will be our remembrance, for our friendship we cherished and will cherish” she added as she handed a portrait of a boy and girl wearing white togas. “Don’t you worry; I have also a copy of that one in my personal album” she appended. “By the way, can you promise that you will always be my best Boy Friend and I promise to be your worst Girl Friend” she laughed.

“Of course, you will always be my Girl Friend, the only girl amongst all my friends!” I replied.

“Oh, Take care always and I’m gonna miss you! Good bye Edward, Goodbye my BF” she ended the conversation, running away from me; going to her place.

“Take care too always my GF, I will always miss you!” I responded in a soft and heart ached voice. I don’t know why in that young age I managed to experience such feelings.

Days went by, Weeks, Months and even years, I have not even noticed I am in College. I have no news from Lyla. Even the care taker of their old house doesn’t have updates about the family. I graduated in college as a Computer Engineer and currently working as an application programmer. But still I saw no shadow of her. During my teenager’s years, I never get into a relationship even once. For I knew, Lyla will come back for me.

One hot Sunday morning, I went to a supermarket to buy some foods and groceries for the week. We, together with my parents, moved to a non-social village on which I paid in installment basis and beyond that are another private condominium and a small department store. I used my motorcycle to go there, just when I arrived in the said place, I noticed my phone ringing and unknown number showed. I picked it up and, “hello, who’s this?”

“Hey Edward, its me, don’t you remember, huh?” an unfamiliar voice of a lady maybe around 21 of my age had spoken.

“Hey Lady, may I know your name? Where did you get my number? Why do you call?” successive questions I asked.

“Oh Edward, I thought I am the only Girl among your friends, I assumed you’re the only BF I had” she replied.

“What?! She called me BF? She is Lyla, my GF!” I silently shouted to myself. “Hey Lyla, my GF, where are you? Are you in the country now? Let’s meet...” I excitedly asked her.

“Calm down you little boy” she answered.

“Oh I am not a young boy now for your information beautiful lady!” I joked.

“hahahaah, how can you tell I am beautiful?” she laughed.

I forgot to buy groceries and foods, what I have on my mind on that specific time is Lyla, she came, she remembered me, and I lived back happily!

In the afternoon, I will meet her at Star Bucks. I don’t know if I am so early in our agreed time of 3 pm, but I was there, looking around, thinking what could be the face of my best Girl Friend. I am so excited to see and hug her whom I waited for long---for 8 years.

“Wow, I can hug her for the first time in my life, I can hug a girl” I murmured and laughed to myself.

A waiter came and asked for my order, I just asked Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. While I am doing my coffee, a tall, white skinned, short haired and beautiful lady come closer to my table. Without any words, she sat.

“Miss, may I help you? I am reserving that seat to my loved one, anything I can help you with?” I asked the lady.

She laughed in reply, “So I am right! You now have girlfriend! Is she pretty as I am?”.

“What? Lyla? Is that you?” I am surprised.
“Of course I am; how are you Edward?”

I had not imagined she looked like an angel. Her lips are red, her eyes talked sweetly and her cheeks are very smooth. I really love this lady. We hang on everyday since the day she arrived in the country. We went to disco, which I had not tried before. We went windows shopping, sometime she bought me this stripe good style polo of PENSHOPPE, and she really knew what I like.

After a week, I hear no words from her. I then rushed to their old house on where they are still living. I knocked at their door, an old woman opened it, I saw sad eyes in her.

“Come in Edward, go directly to her room, she is waiting for you” the old woman invited.

I walked slowly and nervously towards Lyla’s room. I opened the door and I am stucked in what I saw, she is in her bed, weak eyes welcomed me and had this white clothe covered to her head which I can see no hair.

“What happen to you?” I asked her.

“I have brain cancer, and my life will end soon!” she cursed herself.

“No! It can’t be! I want to share my life with you; I need you in my side Lyla, I LOVE YOU! You are all to me, you know what, I have not engaged to any relationship coz I knew you will come, I knew you love me, please be strong, be strong for me.” I begged.

“Why is it happening to me, I love you too Edward, ever since when were young I already had this feeling. I was angry to my dad when he decided to go to the US, I was begging him that I will just study here but I failed. I was crying when I remembered those days we were playing in our play place, when we went together in elementary, when we laughed together, I loved those days when we were together! That’s the reason why I am so very excited to come back but then, I was rushed to a hospital in Texas, I just woke up and knew that I have a stage 3 cancer. I knew I can’t be healed, as my last request to my parents I want to go and be here with you! I love you very much Edward, promise me I am the only Girl Friend you have till my death” she storied out.

“No! You will not leave me, EVER! I will love you till I live, and I always! Please be strong Lyla, I Love you”. These are the words that came out in my mouth.

“Edward, my bf, please look unto our portrait when we were young, just look at me there and I never leave you, you will stay in my heart” she ended.

But I can’t stop destiny, that was the last conversation Lyla and I have. On that night, she died. It seemed that the whole world stumbling down on me. But my Love and our promise will live in my heart, in our heart!
I loved, love and will love her. This is for infinity.
She will be the only and last Girl Friend I have!
I love you Lyla. In heaven, we will continue….

Writer: TANOM


If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

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