Saturday, July 7, 2007

7.7.7 Meeting ^_^ LUCKY DAY ???

At last, here I am posting again, for the past days (lampas one week)I have been so busy with work adjustments, because I'm on night shift, big adjustments not only on my body clock but almost everything like going out at night commuting, looking for jeep. My first night at work I was almost late I arrive exactly 10pm [10pm to 7am work ko] but I left our house 5mins before 9pm, it was a double ride, first ride was Obrero Jeep I waited like almost 20mins, and I felt so scared (you know being in the corner of the street few cars passing by it was so quiet) I felt stupid standing there and waiting...

Anyway, when finally the Obrero jeep arrived, I said stop over at San Pedro Church ... waaa to my surprise the Matina jeep doesn't pass by the same spot where I rode before in day time, and the Obrero jeep told me you should walk across that street two corners from here! (T_T waaa lakad? gabing-gabi na noh!!!)

Since I don't have any choice so I walked a little bit faster than I used to because I really felt so scared grrr! again when I arrived on that corner Matina jeep was there right away I rode... then it took me another 30mins (traffic because of rain) to finally arrived in my work place, ESPC as a Web Developer agent, (trainee po status ko for one month)

(Ayon) so there I am, and notice everybody was so quiet, I do not know where I will go, then I sat in one place, when Kuya Mike told me to log in ^_^ (waa malay ko ba san mag log in ^_^) then Cesar also a web developer told me to sit in a certain PC it is ready for me to use...

["so I sat there and then what??? these was in my mind what the heck I'm going to do??? ha tell me! tell me!!!"] just my thoughts I can't even speak at all because everybody was so concentrated at work in front of their PC, I even wanted to say "Good evening everyone! my name is aIce, Hi!!! may in know your name please?!" but I couldn't say a single word because it was so quiet, just the music on the radio that envelopes the atmosphere... Then Cesar told me, you can check out this site just to review on your CSS, HTML skills while you are waiting for your client, (I thought ha? client? san? dito pupunta dito sa office ngayon gabi?!)
then after a while I introduce myself to him I said "I'm aIce" and he said "You can call me Cesar" ok he assisted me, and told me to log in at YM and add those ID's

Anyway, when I was log in at YM after a 15 mins. somebody added me too, it was Ate Tes, and she instructed me what to do next on how to communicate with the client, (& i thought ah sa YM pala un client) ^_^

Then all of the sudden, there the client was chatting with me, then he gave me this site to change the images, and then another site to troubleshoot why the images repeated itself at FF but not on IE, and then he even talked with me via Skype! (waaa first day ko palang noh!) ^_^

During the first 2 days, I couldn't sleep at all, I found out that am nocturnal, not sleepy at night (unlike my first work in a certain company it was during day time I really felt so sleepy around 2pm onwards my head is aching to get some sleep) or maybe it was because I didn't like my first job at all.

But this time I was alive the whole night. During my first night shift since it was Friday no work on Saturday and Sunday night, so I was adjusting I couldn't sleep after my work from Friday 10pm to on Saturday 7am, I tried to sleep on Saturday morning but really my body was longing to sleep but I couldn't let my mind to rest so I end up having headache, then I tried to sleep again in the afternoon after lunch, there I had a nap from 2pm to 5pm and I was wide awake but my body still wants to rest, so I decided to have a bath and maybe do laundry afterwards, then my parents told me we will watch Transformers so I was excited with the movie

weeeiii!!! ^_^ but while I was walking in the Mall waaa I felt like floating, (lack of sleep) feeling like your flying without wings and bump up head aching, although I didn't felt my head was aching at the time am watching it because of excitement am feeling with Transformers! ^_^

Anyway, now I have been working for one week and one day, because I started Friday last June 29, I have been well adjusted on my body clock, and after work I get my sleep around 9am to 1pm then eat my lunch then get back to sleep again 2pm or 3pm to 6:30pm, My body will really shutdown around 8:30am and I'm happy I can sleep now during the day and will really wake me up for lunch and will shutdown again after one hour ^_^ and I'm happy with my work!

Since its a weekend, Saturday, I just finish my laundry now, and dinner too, so I will replenish my lost sleep ^_^ am going to sleep after posting this.

Oh by the way, yeah do you consider today is the luck day?
I would because today I just got my new computer chair at work place, and my crush ^_^ text me today in the morning before I get my morning sleep (blush)

hmmm guys if you can scroll down here I posted the HappySlip video WE WILL MEET ON 7.7.7 that I posted last Sunday, June 24, 2007
hmmm but well unluckily I have no date today so that video didn't worked.

so what do you think guys is it LUCKY for you today or what?
your comments are highly appreciated ^_^


  1. ayun ..
    busy naman pala si miss aice .. hehe
    ingat po sa trabaho, graveyard shift ka po pala.. =.=

    ayun, GOD Bless po!

  2. Hi ch13f,

    Maraming salamat ha ^_^ nice to know your concern

    ingat ka din

    and God Bless too

  3. hehehe... ok lang yan masasanay ka din sa night shift ice.. weeeee~! ayos nga eh web developer ka na.. corporation pa napasukan mo.. astiGGGGG!!! lalaki na companya yan someday.. at ikaw ay isa sa mga pioneer employees.. astigGG

  4. The first day at work is really awkward :)

    Congrats on your new job ΓΌ

  5. @Jehz ^_^ thanks sa comment

    @Paris yeah you got it right but now i'm completely adjusted na ^_^


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