Sunday, June 24, 2012

ice9web Review for Travel Teller (^_^)

Suroy-suroy sa Sigaboy - One of the great experiences I had in touring our beloved Philippines. Thank you so much to Travel Teller - Olan as he really knows my capability.

I was about to give up not going to the Sigaboy Island hoping.. But Olan insisted that I should go and for that I'm also thankful the group (I'm with) because you guys bring out the best in me. (^_^)

Now for my review to Travel Teller - Olan - Guys! Go for it with Travel Teller you will never regret every moment of your journey. This is the second time I went with Olan (as the travel and tour organizer) the first one was with Tagum Tour. He will make it appoint everybody is enjoying, and I learned many important things about Sigaboy (also Tagum before). And all of it are worth the money.

Ok you want some evidence? Go on and see the videos here (^_^) Olan was explaining about the Sigaboy area (where we are going) with map. at the Governor Generoso Municipality

On this video, Olan shares us the important ideas regarding the area where we can find the Indonesia border (Pacific Ocean) and Davao Gulf (serene waters).

Sorry if I focus on the tower instead on the sea Davao Gulf. (^_^) (na amaze kasi ako sa tower eh!) Overall rating? 9 out of 10 (^_^)

See you on the next Travel and Teller journey!

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Suroy-suroy Sigaboy Experience
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