Sunday, April 10, 2011

Explore And Tour The City of Tagum

Today was one of my memorable day, because I never expected to see the amazing beauty of Tagum.
Whenever someone mentions the City of Tagum the first thing that comes in mind "its just a place lang where you pass by going to this and that place . . . Oh Nothing interesting in that small City". ?minaliit ang tagum?

Well, now I was proven wrong, maybe before "it was just another place to pass by" but these days - it is a place where you can see the very organize, peaceful and productive city.

Anyway, Punong was our first stop - located along the super highway of Tagum. They have the soft shell "bite size" crab as said; you can consume almost 99% of the crab, meaning you can eat even the shell!?
When we were having a brief meeting, there was this aquarium beside us, filled with big alive crabs. I was thinking "are those the soft shell crabs you can consume the 99% of the shell, as in really? ganon ka laki ang bite size nila!? Wow kahit allergy ako sa crabs bah I want to dare to bite it.".
Well as explained it was "bite size" and not a full grown crab size. (^_^)

From there in Punong we rode a boat for 8.7 km River cruise going to open sea of Davao Gulf and then going to Banana Beach. I was expecting to see banana trees all around the beach but I was wrong again! I saw palm trees and all other nicely landscape plants. The swimming pool was absolutely cleansed with over flowing water and fountain.

And so, most of us went to tour the mini forest with wild boar, snakes etc. . . But only three of us including me didn't dare because of the 9 hanging bridges? (^_^)

We went to the Fishing Village instead to view and muni-muni at the lake...
I was hungry so I ordered a salad, tasty and delicious. After they arrive from mini hiking we all went to see the souvenir shop. . .

Before going for lunch we went to see the E-park as in Energy Park... I was thinking of electrical and technology in a park but was surprise to see these:

And so our next stop is going to the Secret Garden where we had our lunch with unlimited ice tea full of ice - real thirst squelcher.

Afterwards we went for visita Iglesias; Church of Christ, Christ the King, to see the Giant Rosary and Regina Rosary.

Next stop was Hexat (gold and silver) Mining where we got to see the process of retrieving the Ore or gold from piles of stone and soils.
This is where I was excited, because it was always an example in our Bible Study the retrieving of gold from what you see an ordinary rocks and soils.

For us Christians who goes through tough times and (fire) problems in life. I reflected back to the Bible Studies I learned from every tough process that was told to us in retrieving the gold, they would even add up flour to expand and salt? I never expected to hear flour in the process and I was waiting where is the part they will add up the mercury? but I didn't hear it was even mentioned?

Anyway, we walk up to seeing the view of the green fields, and we ate our afternoon snacks.

Then we went to Mary's Wood's Shrine (Magdum, Tagum) this is where I tried to climb 250 steps stairs. I didn't know I can make it but all I do know is that I prayed before I going up, and I finally made it on top. My butt can't get off from sitting at the bench on top whew! That was really tiring but fun! (^_^)

Then we went to the New City Hall of Tagum
Who can even imagine seeing the new City Hall of Tagum to look like a mall within a park?

Wow I wanted to work there na!

Then we went to visit the Rotary Recreation. They have the indoor volleyball with white sand. I didn't get to see it personally because I was so tired. Some of us stayed at the office to relax and watch news.

Finally, dinner at the night market. One thing I notice they keep on serving foods, and you pay later. I was used to choosing what you want to eat and then pay before they will cook. However, in Tagum it was choosing what you want to eat, they'll cook it right away, they wouldn't even accept the money (I tried to pay) until you finish eating. I was impressed by their service it was like you're in the restaurant. Now, Mayor Rey T. Uy was there to meet us. Though Tagum was not that big city but from the developments they have - made the tourist to visit Tagum City.

Whew! that's all folks (^_^)
Thank you for reading.

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