Sunday, March 20, 2011

Globe Rewards Free Load Hoax

March 12: My Globe Tattoo SIM load was zero. Then I received this text from Globe saying:

Free Globe Customer Advisory: Load P120 fr Mar12-16 and get FREE P25 load. Share-a-load not credited. Keep ur Tattoo SIM active to get exciting offers! VIS04-6

Because the text was valid that it came from Globe, meaning no number just the sender name GLOBE. I was tempted to load even though I don't really need to load as I still have enough load on my other globe SIM which I used in my mobile, mind you "share a load is not valid". By the way my Tattoo SIM was inserted on my old Nokia just to make it active.
I did load up my Tattoo SIM from my officemate who is a Globe AutoLoadMAX loader.

I waited 24-hours for the Globe Rewards free load but to NO AVAIL.

I called Globe customer service March 15 to report the incident. The agent told me to wait for another 24-hours to get the rewards cause sometimes the systems are having back logs.

And so I waited for another 24-hours.

Again nothing happened. I was thinking could it be Globe is just making FUN? Sending text for us to load but just a hoax?

I called up the customer service again and asked if this promo is valid, are they for real, the agent told me "yes ma'am" so I told her my concern...

The agent asked for the code on the last part of the text message which is "VIS04-6" after the call center agent named "Katrice?" verified she said that the promo was not for March 12-16 but rather March 19-23, and that is the REASON WHY I DIDN'T RECEIVED ANY REWARDS, to my surprise, I replied "are you saying that I'm lying here? That I didn't receive any text from Globe saying it was March 12-16???"

She insisted that it was really March 19-23, and I was wrong. However, they are going to "still give me" a reward of 25 pesos load. Really now, What is that "still give me" a pacifier?

And guess what?
Just yesterday, I received the same text from GLOBE only this time the text is saying March 19-23 huh!? Another ONE but different promo date? What to prove I'm wrong??? Give me a break.

Anyway, to end this...The bottom line of this post is not for me to really GET A REWARD but to let the readers know that NOT ALL TEXT YOU RECEIVED FROM VALIDATED "GLOBE" are TRUE.

They are completely HOAX. niloloko lang nila tayo para mag load tayo.

Look at the pictured screenshot posted here they are completely genuine and I can even let anybody see the text messages... I have not deleted it... and I also have the recording of our conversation with the customer service agent named "Katrice?".

We must be very careful of all these scams, even if it came from a valid "Globe" text that look so real and true but NEVER BELIEVE!

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