Monday, November 3, 2008

Eversun Software Phils Corp New Office

I will write this in Taglish version ha para I can express it all... here I go...

Whew! ha this was my expression after finally figuring out where in Bonifacio St., is our new office ... sabi ng AS namin "Althone Borja" sa text message "look for Nuga sign tapos doon na building"

ok sige, I look for a Nuga sign in all buildings sa may Golden Bell...
hmm I saw it right away... but then kainis pa talaga...
meron palang healing something doon sa second floor ng Bernardo Building (wala akong ka malay-malay)...
and madaming naka-pila... all the people out there was telling me "miss where are you going?"
(I was surprise I thought "bakit anong pakealam ninyo")
so I told them "eto bah ang Bernardo Building?" they said "yes miss sige pila kana dito"
(I'm surprise I thought again "bakit???!!! anong meron dyan???")
so I replied "ha? bale punta ako sa 3rd floor ng Bernardo Building saan ang hagdanan dito?" they replied... and insisted pa ha...

na to make pila and pa-singit daw nila ako sa front row!!!
So I just smiled at them and said "no bale pupunta ako sa 3rd floor ng building na eto, sige poh alis na ako..."

then I left them, but still wondering myself ("bakit ang haba ng pila doon, anong meron doon?")

Anyway, I was about to go up stars when a guy told me "Hey Miss san ka punta?"
(sabi ko sa sarili ko "why are all the people wanted to know where I'm going?!")

so I looked at him and said "Sa 3rd floor bakit?"
he said "ah Eversun ka?" sabi ko "yes"
and he replied "where is your ID?"
(I looked at him head to toes... thinking sino bah etong tao na eto humihingi ng ID...)

I asked him "sino sila" he said "guard dito"
(I'm surprise ganito pala guard dito walang uniform?)

I was about to get my ID while asking him "saan ID mo?"
and He can't even show me one ... so I kept my ID inside my bag and moved on, He make bara again ha! and said "miss dili lagi ka pwede mu-akyat diri!"
so I told him in a firm voice "talaga! bakit sino ka bah! san ID mo?! ha?" he was surprise with me and I moved on up stairs and he yelled "sige sumbong taka sa imong manager!"
I replied "sige sure ako pa mismo mag-sabi na ang guard diay diri walay ID..."

Then I can hear from other guys with him saying "dah! ngano man gud walay ID dah! hahaha!"
(hay wala na akong pakealam sa kanila... hapit na ko ma-Late)

When I finally reached inside I saw a real guard in the desk (uniform with ID) and told him "hi punta ako 3rd floor sa Eversun" he just replied "Go Ahead"

ayon I saw the 2nd floor may mga parang higaan and may mga patients... (sabi ko anong meron dito... clinic?...)

Finally I reached the 3rd floor hayzzz nakita ko si Kuya Mike! yey! nan dito na ako sa New Office namin (^_^)

Lunch time came...
hindi namin alam where to eat... so we went to Taps... I ordered and gave 200 pag-balik waaa the waitress said "no, 100 lang binigay mo" buti nalang I'm with company of friends they justified that I really gave "200" hayzzz


Thank you Cesar Noel for the pictures in this post.(^_^)

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