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I just want to explain my title, note that these are my insights (so walay mag buot ako ra (^_^)

Anyway, I got that from the New King James version Bible by Thomas Nelson it came from 07 Mark 14:20 “There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are things that defile a man…”

As examples in the Bible “a man ate without washing his hands”, and also “people who talks maliciously about other people”; those who talks maliciously are defiled in the eyes of God.
For from within, out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders …pride and foolishness “all these evil things come from within defile a man.” 07 Mark 21:22

Nothing that enter enters a man from the outside can make him unclean for it doesn’t go into his heart but into his stomach and then out of his body. 07 Mark 18:19 NIV Zondervan

My insights are: I remember before when me and our branch manager had a heart to heart talk about some minor problems within the office “yung mga taong mahilig magsira ng ibang tao sila yung may problema at hindi ikaw!
It was indeed true “people who talks maliciously about you are people with big problems and not you”. eto na naman ako emote, mashado kasing caring kaya madaling masaktan.

Time not only heals but it give you proper wisdom and
[There is no ugly person in this world but only your attitude that can make you one]
those are always in my thoughts

“Wala naman taong pangit ang ugali lang” akin yan galing I just made that when I was chatting to one of my officemate, he doesn’t want himself to be seen by me because he thought of himself as very ugly and I’m so beautiful daw kuno. Waaa! (^_^) palabiro din siya anoh?

In my life; I have talked with so many different people, (specially if you’re an officer with 6-colleges within a campus university) from the trouble maker student problems pano bah magStudy?; heartaches huhuhu; and even activist leader maki-baka! [ndi baboy:)]; and here in our office hmmm… what can I say? people are all around!
Noticing all those physical appearance they have perfect body, very good figure, perfect ten, beautiful faces, and very healthy with no sickness and disabilities. Pero the way (s)he talk, when (s)he speak, all that came out are saying bad things about other people.
I know we all are but humans and (sometimes I myself is a victim of the Devil) I could say something bad about other people (rarely whenever I get enough of someone) but not as always and every topic you can imagine to utter are all negative insights you see on other people. Parang waaa! Nakakaloka na ano bah Who are you? Perfect Person ever (a)Live in this world? tingnan mo nga sarili mo please eto salamin!

When I was on my peer counselor’s training since am the president I was given a chance to always attend seminars held on different universities those are seminars for the leaders and officers in our university. There was one point there “how to manage people complains” whew! I can never forget that because not only it was dramatize before hand we were brainstorming as a group with different scenario.
But as you experience it personally, I learned you can’t apply it right away, because sometimes you are caught with emotions as human beings there are hindrances that comes your way and your thoughts will be cloudy. This is where the line goes “no man’s an island”.
Kaya nga kahit president pa ako ng peer counselors kapag ako na yun may medyo magulong-isip na problema I would gladly share it with my fellow counselor members and brainstorm it. Hindi ko sasabihin kaya ko eto, ako na bahala. in return they will also share their problems and you will find you’re indeed not alone and fortunate.

To those who always see other people mistake; I tell you, maybe you have a problem of being perfectionist or maybe all you have to do is look down and bow your head (at tumingin sa salamin), meaning pwede once in awhile just don’t look at the person and mind your own business.

That is the what I do in any person I see bad in her/him. I will just either bow my head or do not look at the person, kasi if you will make your head up to that person and look away baka ma mis-interpret na “you’re snobbish” kaya pag bow your head and look at yourself nalang noh baka madapa ka pa! (^_^)
Again this is when the line goes “Not all who bows their head respect and honors you!” waa next topic na ni siya haba na ni na-article bah

Sa susunod!

Abangan ... hmmm (^_^)

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