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Paypal Account for Philippines How to verify your PayPal account?

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Bank Account for PayPal

1.) Apply for an EON VISA ELECTRON account via online at

2.) After completing the process, wait for 5 banking days for Manila applicants and 2 weeks for Davao City applicants...

3.) Then visit the Unionbank Branch where you specified in the application form and claim your card. Bring two IDs with you and have it photocopied before going to the bank to avoid delay. Pay P350.00 (Yearly payment for a Non-Maintaining balance EON Visa Electron) and allow a week for your DEBIT CARD to be activated. Bank Account for PayPal You need to Deposit at least P200.00 for PayPal purposes. (should be $1.95 or more)

4.) Once Activated, enroll your Debit Card at Unionbank Online Banking for EON CyberAccount.

5.) Done? Go to your PayPal account and add your EON Visa Electron as your credit card. The Billing Address should be the same on what is reflected on your EON Cyberaccount. When approved, wait for 3-4 days and e-mail Unionbank Services online via your EON CyberAccount and ask for your PayPal Expanded Code. Other option is to call their hotline number at 84-186.

6.) Once you receive the PayPal Expanded Code, go to your PayPal account and complete the verification process by filling out the Expanded Code field. After receiving a confirmation that your account has been verified you are then ready to do PayPal transactions.

Steps to Withdraw Cash from PayPal using Bank Account for PayPal i.e. EON Visa Electron:

1.) Log on to your PayPal account and click Withdraw. Complete the process and wait 3-5 banking days before your money will reach your EON Visa Electron account.


1.) To maximize the PayPal withdrawal transaction fee of $5.00, make sure that you will only withdraw when you reach the $500.00 limit. That is the Maximum amount to be withdrawn daily.

2.) You will notice that only $495.00 will be deposited to your bank account, that is because of the $5 transaction fee being deducted.

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