Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Eversun Software Philippines Corp. First Team Building

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Agents of Value Official entry for SEO Contest

The Eversun Software Philippines here in Davao City has more employees ever since it started May of this year. This company is all about: AoV Outsourcing service, aov philippines outsourcing, outsource to the philippines aov, AoV stands for Agents of Value from the words itself knows what it means ^_^

And so the first team building was conducted yesterday at High Ponds, Binugao Toril, here are the shots:

Our Branch Manager, Ma'am Merju Tingson (speech)

and some important points to remember from: Mr. Pete Miole, the owner and Pres of Fix Right Allied Services, Inc.
he talked bout how to avoid conflict between peers. Although most of his lectures I already heard in our Peer Counselors' training but it is always refreshing to attend seminars (like this).

Here we are! the Group 1 ^_^ AIRWARE
Since we are all under time pressure what our group name be?... members are looking at me... (may hindi ko alam ako pala leader until such time I arrived at the office medyo late kasi ang aga eh tapos malayo baya bahay namin sa office)
then I have composed myself to get idea Airware just combining the first letters namely: (A) Allan Villar (tech admin), (I) Isis Lahora (web developer), (R)Allan Roy Basiera (Web Dev./prog.), (W) Wilmer Timbal (Web Master), (A) Abigail Castro (Writer), R-oy (again??? joke!), (E) Erwin Daclan (Virtual Assistant)
we won the Best in Nest or very creative in designing the nest using thread...

see how it was constructed we absolutely used the thread given, unlike the other groups... (gosh! may hindi nabawasan un sinulid na binigay sa kanila ^_^ lalo na un group 3 and group 4! synthetic at un isa tubig ang ginamit beh! basag naman un egg ^_^)

The Group 2 are called Cyber Reps;
Lead by Mark Villanueva(Writer) and his members:
MariTes Hervas (Writer), Ricky Perez(Web Master), Elvie Basco(Virtual Assistant), Dean Ryan Martin(Writer) and Cyrose Plaza(Web Developer)
they are very good in drawing or Mural yan ang panalo nila! (as in WEB talaga drawing nila) kulang nalang pati si Spider Man drawing din nila ^_^

Group 3; they are good in sports specially in BALL CATCHING ^_^ read that ball catching (parang mang bobola ^_^ joke lang po)
they call themselves "Agents of Virtue" (or Merju) (hay basta sip2x un group name nila ^_^ (tabi tabi po nag papatawa lang po)
their leader Cesar Noel Quiñon (web Developer) and the members are: Melissa Dalmacio (Link Builder), Michael Wales (Web Developer), Junie Lorenzo (Web Programmer), Valerie Joy Insong (Web Programmer), Ronald Villapaz(Link Builder)

ayan, Now, the Group 4! "Mighty Agents" kuno ^_^ well they have the choreography in dance and Chant sa cheering gosh headed by the musician rapper Cliff Ivan Roda(web master) and his group mates Gladys Co (Writer), Kuya Mike (office assistant), Jocel Edquilang(Site Admin), Henry Ticong (Web Master), Mary Lyka Rosit (Web Master)
they are very good in dancing yun panalo nila ^_^

I'm so proud to be a part of this history in the making of this company (kasi po one of the pioneering employees)

eto po un picture arriving at the place:

ayan tumalon na sa pool!!!

tapos noon na convince narin ako maligo weeeiii ^_^ so happy to be with them

and finally here are all of us posting before leaving High Ponds (beach resort with swimming pool) and that explains why our outfit are so casual.

count how many of us are pioneering employees?
I do hope that all of us will remain in more than 30 years to come.

AoV outsourcing to the Philippines, AoV Outsourcing service and Outsource to the Philippines AoV

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Nice Agents with Values
The main causes of liver damage are...
What is true happiness?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Music from a Friend

this song was given to me by one of a good friend, he said he can't get this song off his head and here it is telling me to post it on my blog ^_^

so guys what do you think?

your comments are highly appreciated

Why Ladies spurn *Good Men* and Love *Bad Guys*?

I just research this on the internet and I'm so sorry I forgot the link again :(
madami kasing word na NICE kaya eto I'm going to post it kasi Nice nga siya ^_^
I won't consider myself that I love bad guys ha! I just find this article funny and yung lang po nothing more

Nice sweet guys think women are a 'special species' from another planet.

Nice sweet guys suffocate their girlfriends, expecting them to be their lovers, mother, sister, princess, china doll, and the Goddess who brings up the sun in their mornings. They also expect their girlfriends to be their best buddy, because 'real' guys won't have anything to do with the geeks! (sometimes its true)

Nice sweet guys sit there entranced by their girlfriends as the girlfriend carries on the whole conversation by themselves. Nice guys haven't lived so they have nothing to add to the conversation. Nice guys bore ladies to death.

Nice sweet guys stare at their girlfriends in total worship awe. ladies find it difficult to eat when they are being visually consumed by a staring, mindless dope.

Nice guys quickly look at you when they do a social blunder (such as fart) to see if you caught it. Who cares!

Nice guys pretend to be 'just our friend' and then go home and fantasize about us mothering their 'nice guy' kids.

Nice guys have no real life or interest of their own. They sit around and dream of getting a girlfriend to fill their empty lives.

Nice guys feel so undeserving of 'awesome you' that they make you feel that you have, most assuredly, picked a real loser.

Nice guys think ladies are porcelain goddesses. ladies don't want to have to keep living up to a surreal image. If you belch in front of us we won't break!

Nice guys think that if a lady doesn't want to have anything to do with their boring, empty shell of manlihood, they're stupid bitches who would rather be with a jerk that beats them. Yep, this is every lady's dream.

Nice guys are too STUPID to figure out that lady don't want to be the leader on the dance floor.

Nice guys wear tucked in golf shirts and make a clean, straight part in their hair, exactly two-inches above their left ear. This really turns lady on. So sexy! Why can't Fabio and Brad Pitt take fashion and grooming lessons from nice guys?

Nice guys sit there like passive puppies, waiting for their girl to make all the moves. This is because lady love to feel undesirable.

Nice guys can fool our parents. They are often quoted by the respected elder as being kind, loving, committed. Translation: Gay

Nice guys suck because you can't complain about them to your friends.

Dating a nice guy is like dating yourself. If you like Broccoli, he likes Broccoli. If you hate Jay Leno, he hates Jay Leno. If you order a Shirley Temple, he orders a Shirley Temple. If you are pro capital punishment, he is pro capital punishment. If you think Austin Powers was disgusting he thinks Austin Powers was disgusting. If you prefer Kotex over Tampax...

Nice guys eventually turn into jerks too, so why not just date a jerk right from the start and skip all that insecurity stage?

Nice guys laugh at your jokes...before you've even reached the punchline.

Nice guys quickly get emotionally attached. Sucking the life of you.

Nice guys eagerly show affection. Who can appreciate that of which they didn't have to work for?

Nice guys are gentle, tender, pedal-soft lovers. lady love this...hopefully her nice guy will wake her up to let her know that he is coming. "I'm not hurting you now, am I hon.?"

Nice guys will never, ever eagerly lust and devour your hot, throbbing body or steamy, sweetened inner core. Nice guys can't hear your body screaming, "hold me, touch me, RAVISH me! FUCK ME NOW!!!"

Hopefully, your nice guy will eventually turn into a jerk and cheat on you (so someone else can endure his lack of lovemaking skills).

Nice guys will make you feel guilty if you spend a minute anywhere but with them.

Nice guys will buy you flowers. Then ask you all evening long if you liked them.

Nice guys will never actually tell their girlfriends when they don't like what she's doing. Instead, he will get mad about it six months later.

Nice guys are hideously insecure. Nice guys never do for you anything for the simple sake of giving. Everything they do for their girlfriends are like stock investments. The stock is up at Acceptance and Approval. Each gift he gives you, or loving gesture he shows you, is really a guaranteed down payment toward a future of him clinging to you like a drowning man to a life-saver.

Nice guys are confused about romance. They either go overboard and bring a dozen roses to a "lets go for a walk in the park" date...or...they are so unsuave and unsure of themselves that they hang around you, pretending to be your friend. Yep, I just love an unconfident, self-doubting man.

Nice guys are so desperate to please that they have no identity of their own. Ask a nice guy his thoughts on anything. Guess what? He doesn't have any!

Nice guys are easily used. I just love a man I have no respect for.

Nice guys suffer from the "Night in Shining Armor" syndrome. They pick out the sleaziest, "hard luck" cases to rescue. Moral of the story? Wear condoms while sleeping thru the sex act with your nice guy.

Nice guys are so eager to please that they rarely speak up when something bothers them. Thus, they can make their girlfriends feel guilty when they say, "Everything I did, I did for you".

Nice guys truly think that they are making their girlfriends happy by sacrificing their own life, desires, wants, needs, opinions, and identities to that of their girlfriends. They can then claim that "no one will ever love you as much as I do". Translation: "You are such a bitch, be grateful I'm willing to put up with you and love you anyway."

Nice guys make you their Life, their only source of happiness. lady love this burden placed on them.

Nice Guys really don't like themselves. Insecurity is not sexy, it is suffocating, clinging and obsessive. Issues with nice men are unbearable. Issues with jerks are workable.

Nice Guys are terrified of rejection. Bad boys don't care!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Balot vs. Kwek-kwek

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What's more delicious and nutritious?
Balot or Kwek-kwek?

This post are inspired by my office sit mates, they are Wilmer who thought of this on the first place and Cliff who said with laugh that its an interesting funny topic ^_^

Well, it all started when I was asking my sit mates, if we could go out and eat balot for snacks (because we are on the night shift) or if there is a balot vendor near by, Cliff said that yes, they are everywhere, but I don’t think we can hear them inside the office if ever they do passed by… then Wilmer said “hmm that is very interesting topic for blog ‘balot and kwek-kwek’” and we all laugh with giggles when Michael heard it he said with a smile “grabe na mashado isip niyo bah balot & kwek2x pinatolan!” sabi ko gutom lang po (kaya ayon na message tuloy ako ni OIC na sige daw kami tawa)

And so here we are, my nice thoughts of kwek-kwek and Balot… bow!

The balot:
I have been eating this very own “Only in the Philippines” food since I was a child I really can’t remember the first time or my exact age when I first ate balot maybe around 5 to 7… anyway the bottom line is that I like the taste of it, with juices and aroma that makes your mouth crave to eat the healthy hi-protein balot.. it is made of boiled quail eggs (Wilmer was shock to hear this because he thought that it was boiled chicken eggs) it is NOT quail po as in pato in Tagalog.

Two kinds of balot the penoy and balot itself, when you say penoy it means it is like boiled chicken egg without the chick or there is very tiny chick with juice (this is what I like the most) but when it is balot it has a chick with feathers and you can feel the bones (chick) in your mouth it also has more juice, they said its more healthy and hi-protein to eat balot than penoy. One balot these days cost around 12pesos up.

The kwek-kwek:
For us to really know what this Filipino cuisine is lets just see what is the recipe behind:

1. Boil the eggs. Peel and set aside.

2. For the batter ingredients combine:
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup flour, 1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. baking powder
and mix in 1 cup ice water (ice water po tubig po galling sa akin)
Pass through a sieve to remove lumps. Add yellow food coloring.

3. Heat the cooking oil for dip frying.
Dip quail eggs in batter then fry until golden brown.
Serve with vinegar, chili (optional), sliced cucumber, salt to taste.
Or the sauce of more social way use “thousand island dressing”.

But mostly here in Davao what I saw are serve with vinegar, chili, sliced cucumber which I also love I first ate this cuisine when I was in college because most of my classmates specially during festival or any events in our school they always announce “dali palit na ta kwek2x naa nay bagong luto 5 naman” then I would ask “ano yan?” so there to my curiosity I ate it and found it delicious.
One kwek-kwek cost around 7 and up with cucumber and sauce.

Although those two delicacies are delicious for me, I still need feedback from you guys because I know there are some who doesn’t really like balot or kwek-kwek, why do you think so?

Ang balot at kwek-kwek… Bow! ^_^

I do miss my previous sit mates kasi naman nalipat ako sa other side, tapos silang tatlo magkatabi T_T ako lang naiba upoan waaa!!!

Ate Tess huhuhu miss our sweet usapan si Melissa one night stand kami eh! as in one night lang kami nagkasama pero in that one night waaa sobra ingay namin, kahit dalawa lang kami Kuya Mark waaa miss na talaga kita, kasi masarap siya kasama & he lights up my night talaga kahit kulang kapa sa tulog kaya eto miss ko na po kayo!

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AoV outsourcing to the Philippines, AoV Outsourcing service and Outsource to the Philippines AoV

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blog Song

I just saw this from my email on Mindanao bloggers eto po un post doon sa email that it came from Peter Lavina idea...

"I respectfully nominate the Bee Gees To Love Somebody as the blogger's official song. He he he!

To blog somebody
To blog somedody
The way I blog you

Here it goes!

There's a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to lived with you
Lived with you
There's a way everybody say
To do each and every little thing
But what does it bring
If I ain't got you, ain't got ?

You don't know what it's like, baby
You don't know what it's like

To blog somebody
To blog somebody
To blog somebody
The way I blog you

There's brain
I see your SITE again [Note - instead of face)
I know my frame of mind
You ain't got to be so blind
And I'm blind, so very blind
I'm a man, can't you see
What I am
I live and breathe for you
But what good does it do
If I ain't got you, ain't got ?


ganda niya ano? what do you think?

nga pala i'm not feeling well kaya wala ako mashadong post today kaya eto muna ^_^

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Birthday with Love

I spend my birthday with Lords' God Love today at the Pink Sisters Convent or better known as The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters..
Three of us ladies namely me, Lovely (along with her BF) and Maricel talked to see each other in Bankal Petron station (that was two jeep rides away from our home) and from there we rode a taxi to get to the sacred place.

Anyway, there were so many reasons why I really wanted to go at Pink Sisters' place even thou it was so far from the City and it really takes much effort in transportation fare... (2 jeep rides and one taxi ride)

Everything is worth it!

The serenity in that place can let you reflect and meditate very well.

I almost cried in 1 and 1/2 hours mass because there was so many thoughts running thru my head and so much emotions are stirring up inside.

(Hay wag nalang natin mention isa-isa.)

All I know now is that I’m feeling much better now. And I’m quite happy.
Here’s the pictures I shot and made them in collage.

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The Other Side of the SUN

Seem to really like this song these days since I had mixed emotions for almost two months now...
hay! so here it is I'm pouring my heart out in the song and posting it here now.

Leaving on a boat for beyond the other side of the ocean
I'll bet you in the morning, you won't even know I'm gone
Tired of living here in the middle of a mixed emotion
I might as well be living,
On the other side of the sun.

Leaving with the feeling
I don't know how I'm dealing
With loving you
Though once I knew
The special way
And what to do
To make you stay

Forever and ever Even as I'm leaving
I'll never stop believing
You are the one Who can make me laugh
And can bring me back
From beyond the other side of the sun.

Rolling down the river I hope I can deliver the morning
Wishing on a star For the sun to come out and play
Funny, when it's over You really don't remember the warnings
You might as well be living Out beyond the Milky Way
(Forever and ever)

I'm joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit!

I really wanted to join this first Mindanao Bloggers Summit on 27 of October... hopefully to have the time.

and here are the sponsors of the said event:

Special Event Sponsors

Major Sponsors

Minor Sponsors


^_^ join narin kayo

If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

© Aice Nice Poems