Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tagum Giant Holiday Christmas Tree

This is my 2nd time to go to Tagum City of Palm Trees (^_^)

The first one was years ago Explore and Tour Tagum City...

And today, it was unexpected trip to Tagum with very short notice... but still grab the opportunity to ride with Church mate Inday Brenda who lives in Tagum City

As we usually see in Tagum highway:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A (Wish) Prayer Come True?

maka impress talaga... last year...
I added someone in Fb because I like him a lot... his achievements and all...
we have common friends...
and trust my instinct that he is a decent man...

I prayed that he would initiate the chat in Fb...
and he did... last year...
asking me why I added him...
I was surprise with that question...
I just told him the truth...

my hope for last year was to get to know him better...
hoping for friendship with him...
he said he has a girlfriend from Tagum... oh! that slightly hurt!
ok... that gave me the sign to avoid him...
my interest for him is gone...
we do exchange some messages but only for the sake of global and local news...

when I started Usana, I introduce it to him...
Feb of this year... he is very defensive...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy InterNaut Day!

WOW! 25 years na pala ang Internet!

Happy Internaut Day. The web went public on August 23, 1991, and it's come a long way in 25 years.

in my experience 1996 man ata kami nagkaron ng Internet sa bahay...
dial up modem na sobrang ingay!
tapos ilan beses pa ang tries para maka-connect then it will take more than 1-min para mag load ang isang page with images... kaya stick lang kami sa no images as in purely text lang...
at MSN pa talaga ang pinaka BIDA sa lahat!
wala pa si Yahoo at Google.

grabe kung e compare ko from those days hanggang ngayon... super duper ang evolution!

I would consider myself only 16 years as InterNaut kasi year 2000 talaga ako nag explore mabuti sa Internet (already have my own Desktop) as in covering all corners... was curious where the websites came from? how it is develop? what it needs to connect? why was it invented on the first place? bakit may virus?

sa sobrang curiosity ko - naging web developer talaga ako for more than 10 years! (^_^)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Marriage Seminar for Singles and Married

Super Blessed Day!

Ang dami ko na learn ^_^

And, realize kaya pala ako binalikan ng Ex ko dati... (kahit may asawa na siya ngayon), he still gives me flowers on my birthday! And, want to get back with me.
Dahil ganon nga talaga ang treatment ko sa kanya.. I treated him with the 3 from the 4 main points mentioned about men needs... Respect, Trust, Peace and Intimacy. The 3 bolded words are important in Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationship. Intimacy is needed for married people.

Pag wala ang isa the relationship, it will have pressure.

I wasn't aware... na yun nga talaga ang needs ng men and yeah siguro dahil sa mga past experience with relationship... mawala ang trust and respect ko sa isang lalake pag mag show siya interest...
(hadlok mode lang?)
bitaw noh mao diay to... hmmm....

What is the Natural Product of Trust?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Content Marketing Metrics

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Letting Go Kahit Hindi Tayo

At this point I want to compose in Taglish - Tagalog - English...

Sorry, I just want to express myself very well in this quotes that I saw somewhere while surfing and made it as an image with background:

Saturday, April 9, 2016

CT Scan Updates

for the Good News CT Scan Updates:

Thank you so much for praying... the post effect of bacterial meningitis - hydrocephalus is now completely under control and stable, according to the CT scan results.
I wasn't able to undergo any neuro surgery due to financial crisis.
But Thank God although there is 0.35 water present in my brain, it remained as is, for more than 7-months!

I started to take Usana products 3rd week of July 2015...

And I can remember I had a monthly checkup on my neurologist around August 2015, and the doctor saw improvement in my eye pressure checkup, He did told me to continue the maintenance meds (cetamid), But the last time I took it was at the end of August 2015... Because I am already starting Usana Essentials, Biomega, Proflavanol C100, and CoQuinone 30 which are very expensive!

And, I challenge myself, how will I know if the headaches will still be present without any maintenance if I don't stop the meds? (that medicine is Cetamid can also damage my liver!)

I praise God that my headaches was lessen without it... and I still continue to take Usana Products...

and October 2015 checkup: the doctor asked me to have CT scan, to see if there are changes... the result was still the same "stable at 0.35"... and I told him I'm not taking any cetamid anymore hehehe ...
He was surprised and asked me "what are you taking?"
Told him, "remember that Usana images "supplemental facts" I showed to you before?... those are the supplements I'm taking since July 2015...
he just said "ok then continue taking it! And see you January 2015"...

We all know what happened to me on January 2015, my left foot was hurting so bad that I wasn't able to go neuro checkup...

Just this week our HR asked about my condition, and requested a medical certificate.

Yeah! I remember, of course!... I was focus with my left foot pain and hurting that I forgot about my head condition...

So just recently I went for CT scan... I wasn't afraid of the results because I know that God is working in me and Usana was the tools He gave me to take.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Usana Lifestyle Frist Time to Meet Mentor Erwin Remonde

I had so many health issues for the past years since 2014, and that made me compromise my freedom. Always at home, and force to work homebased. As a bacterial meningitis survivor it left me with health complications in my brain.

Most of my family thought that I will forget my computer and Internet skills, that I may not be able to get back to work, and mobility problems. But Thank you so much Lord God, You prove them wrong!

God gave me knowledge to take the risk to spend the money that I saved for laptop in order to buy Usana Products..
My headaches slowly disappeared.

Then on November 2015, another attack... arthritis..
I took additional Usana product named Procosa for 3 months.

Now, I'm thankful that after all these months of struggle in my arthritis, I went out of the house not for doctor checkup or hospital examinations but to enjoy the time with my Usana Teammates.

And to think that I am meeting the Emerald Executive Erwin Remonde got me excited that I didn't feel any hunger for the food ahahah

To know who is Mentor Erwin Remonde?
Please check this video ...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg's Top 10 Rules For Success

He's an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur.

He's best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook.

He's the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, and his personal wealth, as of July 2015, is estimated to be $38.6 billion.

He's Mark Zuckerberg and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

1. You get what you spend your time doing
He was captain of the fencing team. In college, he was known for reciting lines from epic poems such as The Iliad.

2. Get feedback
He began using computers and writing software in middle school.

3. Make mistakes
He enjoyed developing computer programs, especially communication tools and games.

4. Only hire people who you would work for
By the time he began classes at Harvard, he had already achieved a "reputation as a programming prodigy".

5. Make a change in the world
Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room on February 4, 2004.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

© Aice Nice Poems