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Sony Xperia Make-Believe 1 Year Warranty

Warranty... all about warrantnies in the Philippines, how do we avail them? Specially if it comes from a very famous brand like Sony, Sony Xperia and Sony Ericson.

I read the terms and conditions:

[image of TOS]

I bought Xperia Acro S back in December 22, 2012 that cost 24,890 at Xperia Store 3F Gaisano Mall of Davao.
In just less than a month of using (January 16, 2013) it won't power ON after 100% complete charge.
Before that happened, the unit gave me the notification of Low Battery and it needs to be charge, and of course I attached it on the charger, usually I set an alarm of 2 hours to remind me to detached it from the charger and when I saw it was already 100% charged I used it a bit and the unit usually go to sleep automatically after 30-seconds of idle, then left it on my desk (with the charger detached) when I came back to use it again I was surprise the unit doesn't power back ON even in long pressing. I went to the manual online hoping for answers but none.

I have never drop the unit once, nor even tested it to submerge under water even if there is this water proof (10 meters bellow/30-mins. underwater) and dust proof certification.

Everybody knows how delicate I am in taking care of gadgets!

So I went to the Sony Xperia Service Center 3F in Gaisano Mall of Davao (also the same place where I bought it). The name of the technician as he said is "Jasper" actually, I know its never his fault, he said "he will let me know what happens", I even gave them two of my cellphone numbers, and asked for Service Unit to use temporary, but they said "its not available".

Now, after a day of waiting for response from them, he never notified me if my unit is already working, it seem they don't care to their customers at all, cause they assume that the customer will be the one to contact them. When I came back to the Xperia Service Center the technician just said "its working and ok, this morning pa", and nobody gave me a call or text that it was working?! If I didn't get back to the store I wouldn't know that it's indeed working.
"Busy kasi kami, kaya hindi kami naka-tawag"
Really now? As far as I notice, compare to Nokia Store and Xperia Store. There are so many people in Nokia who goes in and out than Xperia. Now I can see why, well not only does Xperia units cost so much. Xperia customer service? Sucks! Oops sorry, I mean Shocks! They're very busy! (maraming sirang Xperia units maybe?)
I paid 24k+, did I even said "oh sorry I'm busy to pay this Xperia unit"?

For the second time around it happened again: February 4, 2013 in the morning, Xperia Acro S won't power ON again. I attached it on the charger 10am cause that is what the technician said to me the first time it was solved "charged it for long time", still no power around 1pm, I called up the Xperia Store to make sure, and talked to the technician over the phone, I asked him what did he do to power ON the unit so that I don't need to go to the service center, as it is hassle on my part (I'm using crutches). He just said "Ma'am I just charge it a very long time", and so that is what I did, I charge it from 10am at the office - up to the time we log out 6pm still no power. I touched the charger it is so cold, meaning it is not using up any power on the outlet, I'm 100% sure the power outlet in the office are working very well. I continue to charge it at home from 7pm to the next morning 7am (12 hours of charging) still no power!

So I went back to the Xperia Service Center again for the second time around:

I left my landline number as they promise they will call whatever happens and also I gave them two of my mobile phone numbers. I went back the next day at Xperia Store to see what happens. Same thing, nobody gave me a call that it's indeed working!
The technician said he just charge it for a long time. Really now? is there something wrong with the charger that comes along with it? why didn't it charge when I use it?

For the third time again, Xperia Acro S NO power

At this time, I am furious, and very irritated cause when I really needed it the most to check on the website I can't use it, cause Xperia Acro S won't power ON. I went back again to the Xperia Service Center and asked for replacement cause this is not helping me at all. The Technician said "they will change the board and the repair will be done in Manila, it will take 1 to 2 weeks".

Basically, if you buy a computer - the service unit should also be a computer.

Now, for what we can all see Xperia Acro S is an Android smartphone but the service unit Xperia Service Center is offering to me is just a plain talk and text Sony Ericson phone.
Who are they kidding?
I didn't bought that Xperia Acro S just for talk and text, I'm using it for work, checking the websites I made for client, Internet mobility and of course the Android Apps to ease my tasks.

I didn't received their service unit, because its useless for me (as also stated they will charge me if the service unit got damage.) oh talaga? I told the technician; "I don't trust these Sony mobiles anymore look what happen to this Xperia Acro S? its so expensive it even has so many certification (na matibay daw), it was working good when you release it but in less than a month it won't power ON, so what if that same problem will happen in your service unit?
You know what the technician said? "ayaw pud e-guba" (don't destroy it)
"Excuse me? do you really think I damage the unit?
I even have Nokia 7250 that is still working for 10-years now, I got that since 2003".

I don't install just any apps on that Xperia Acro S without reading the reviews of the apps, and whenever I install an apps I usually observe it one day before installing another, just to make sure the apps I'm downloading is not malware, cause I'm very careful with it.

I have other mobile phones I use for communication like Nokia E51 with Symbian OS 5 year old no problem with it, its working without hanging. And, Nokia 2680 slide phone that I won from Nokia raffles when I bought the Nokia E51. They are all more than 5-year old but still working with no problems. That is how careful I am in gadgets!

Xperia Acro S is not worth my money, I'm regretting now why did I even think to buy from Sony Ericson - Xperia Make.Believe?
Yeah they made me believe I got the best but NOT! nadah!

I have emailed the main Sony Xperia Contact Center they replied me with:
Thank you for contacting the Sony Xperia Contact Center. Your question has been registered and the reference number is 1-408308940.

Please do not respond to this mail since it will not be delivered to any recipient.

For future emails concerning this case please include the following line in the message subject field: 1-408308940

What about a visit at

Does your Sony mobile phone have the latest software? Check and update now using the Sony Mobile Update Service on

After I had my unit on the first time it worked again service center, I updated the Android... then after a few days of usage still the same problem arise again "it won't Power ON"

As the Xperia Store in Gaisano Mall assured me that it will take 1 to 2 weeks for me to get my unit back because the unit will be repair in Manila to change the board. So what Android Phone will I use for work in 1 to 2 weeks after shelling out Php24,890?


Let's see.

I just researched on the Internet and here are some evidence they also got the same problems as mine:


and I replied that post:


I got this unit brand new on December 22, 2012 so basically that review was not posted when I checked

UPDATE Feb. 13 to Feb 19: Stressed! still my Acro S is not in my hand and I am not receiving any updates from them.

UPDATE Mar 4, 2013 at 3:54 PM: A call from Singapore in my mobile, when I answered it was from Xperia customer Service saying "your unit will be replace with new one"... Finally I have a good update! (^_^)

UPDATE March 6, 2013: Finally after all the stress I have been through, I received the new Acro S. And I'm using it now. Will be observing this... I pray no more problems.
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