Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rudolf Golez concert Liebestraum-Franz Liszt (1811-1886)

Liszt: Piano Works [Box Set]I never expected to make one of my dreams came true by just attending the Rodulf Golez concert on February 23, 2011...

Thank God to be a part of The and this Old Vienna concert by Rudolf Golez concert held at Apo View ballroom.

Rudolf P. Golez was the
Asean Chopin International Piano Champion

Though I have watched recitals before, this is my first time to watch a live piano concert. I didn't know Liebestraum was included. My eyes can't believe it when we were already there - buying the tickets - then someone gave us the listeners' guide "Liebestraum" was listed.
My thoughts were "really?! He is going to play one of my favorite classical piano pieces? Wow!"
I saved a space in my camera's memory card to make sure to record this awesome rare event in my life.

Anyway here is my recorded Rudolf Golez concert:

Now, this video I researched at youtube just to show the hands playing (^_^)

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Old Vienna Concert by Rudolf Golez

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