Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Knitting Video Tutorial Part 2

Another Knitting Video tutorial for http://knittinginstructor.com/ ... watch it (^_^) click here

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knitting Instructor Tutorial Videos

For the past days I'm busy making knitting tutorials video for my client on his knittingInstructor.com website. I design and developed knittingInstructor.com and since I'm into these kind of craft I sincerely offer my service and happy to make these tutorial videos for knitting.

Honestly speaking, before I made knittingInstructor.com I had no idea how to knit. All I know was crochet. I read the contents of knittingInstructor.com and bought a pair knitting needles and tried it myself, oh it was quite hard at first cause the knitting needles that I have bought was metal (no other kind knitting needles available like wood) unlike wood the yarn won't easily slip. Anyway here's the first video I made for knitting basic, how to start knitting.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

USeP University Guidance Testing Office UGTO

Last night Joy and I planned to visit our alma mater (^_^) and drop by at University Guidance Testing Office (UGTO) oh we were surprise the office was improvise and more good that it was before, luckily Ma'am Emily was still there so I can show here our year book (^_^) here are our pictures:

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office

USeP University Guidance Testing Office



Sunday, March 15, 2009

College of Technology Year Book 2007

usep College of Technology Year Book 2007
At last after 2-years of waiting, finally our year book 2007 is here!

This is my first year book. Yeah! I'm writing it right my first graduation ever kaya first year book.
I'm thankful to Almighty God my dream about having a bachelor's degree (even though I stopped for 10years) has come true.

I never gave up that dream and thankful for unexpected achievements in my college years hmmm well not all are included in our provided space beside our toga picture. (so many to mention that the space provided is not enough) ana daw ko ka-active sa USeP. Anyway its okay, humility is much better, God knows all my achievements and that's enough for me. Sometimes I thought of I'm ready to rest in peace with God.

usep College of Technology Year Book 2007
I do wish to get married soon have a good Christian -God fearing husband, someone whom I can finally give my first kiss and true love. my heart belongs to Jesus so you can say that my standard are high when it comes to personality and character, I did saw someone who meet that quality; he's much older and sadly far away from me at the moment (physicaly speaking) though we communicate once in awhile through mobile as friends lang po. We first met personaly on 2003 upon enrollment sa CT building and we have all the reasons God has made for us to communicate everyday at the campus, we lost seeing each other on 2006 before our graduation on 2007 he gave me his contact details like mobile and email.

And we just saw each other last month accidentally, He noticed me first and tap at my back, I was speechless that time.
Ganyan kasi ako kapag may special feelings ako sa tao, smile lang ako at tahimik Hmmm he told me to email him my whereabouts life story etc.:) I haven't tried to... coz I have no idea if he has some special feelings bout me too I never gave him any sign, I want him to do the first move. kasi tahimik talaga ako, siya lang parati ko pinapasalita

Anyway, I'm happy with our friendship. Period. Now, why did I ever mention him here? Because he is one part of my college life. dami siya na share sakin bout electrical/electronics
And his pictures are in our 2007 year book (.^_^.)

Anyway I'm not expecting he would love me or anything more from our friendship as long as he's happy with his life ok na un sa akin.
I'm 100% available and happy with my life.

God knows my heart, my life, and has special plans for me. I wouldn't mind if I'll end up being single. I would rather be likeso than ending up on wrong person.

Back in the 2007 year book, thank you dear God for giving me this chance of the lifetime to be added at the year book. And thanks to all technoquest moderators and staff 2006-2007, the dean and professors of College of Technology, to all my BCT classmates and schoolmates, governors and mayors at CT, CAS, SAEC, ENGrng, Education and Institute of Computing and thank you to all organizational heads in campus club organisation (CCO) Dexter Lulu, Lizel, Cindy of Red Cross, the political students at Obrero Campus Student service the (OCSC) William Braza and the governors who supported me... Sa mga fraternity, brotherhood and sisterhood in our campus maraming salamat.

Special thanks to Ma'am Emily Madrona, my adviser in Peer Counselors Society (PCS) and all the members and officers of PCS, this organization has the 60% of my attention, yup only 40% on my studies. (kung sa ulam pa PCS ang asin, hindi pwede mawala sa everyday schedule ko) because of PCS, I met and was recognize in different colleges' dean and profesors.

To my Benefactors who gave 500 each:
usep College of Technology Year Book 2007

and my Donors who gave 300 each:
usep College of Technology Year Book 2007

To all I have mentioned and not mentioned who knows me personaly; each one of you added the brilliant colors in my college life. Thank you.

Pahabol... na mga pictures? (^_^)

usep College of Technology Year Book 2007

usep College of Technology Year Book 2007

usep College of Technology Year Book 2007

usep College of Technology Year Book 2007
guess who?

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Love All

"Love all" as what Jesus said "Love thy neighbors as your self" ... is never easy to do, especially if someone has hurt us. I can say it for my own experience, how would you start loving someone who has been hurting you in so many ways? Physically and emotionally at the same time, and as time passes by, as I grow mature knowing the world doesn't work in "Love" at all times, I develope this shell of defense to make thy self safe.

Loving the un-loveable person is one of the commandments of Jesus Christ. This was our lecture at the Bible study last night. I felt surprise to hear it was related to Love thy neighbor as yourself. Oh yes it is. And now my biggest question is "where will I start?".
I do pray everyday to learn to forgive and let all the deepest hatred be eradicated and be healed by Jesus. Still as a human being, I can never deny the fact in this world not all persons think the same as true Christians do, NOT all are believers of God neither do they have faith in Jesus.

As I'm writing this, I realize deep inside of my heart there's this hatred that I have not yet face to remove, the hatred of those people whom who are so insensitive of what they do or say... doesn't care even if they know you're already hurt... Who looks like a lamb but has the thoughts of the devil...
Just to see anything that belongs to that kind of person (or the person itself) would make me activate that shell I develope, make sure I have nothing to do or even say a single word to that person... In short staying away or "an escape" seem the most easiest thing to do.

So can you tell me,
How can you love an un-loveable person?

I look at you as my brother
But you look at me as a competitor

I have my heart for you
But you broke it in two

The shattered pieces of the love I gave
Are now inside the deepest grave

If you change your wicked ways
Maybe then it will help to find its place

To let the shattered pieces be whole again.
And heal all deepest pain.

I'm sorry for creating such harsh poem, never did I thought about it but with an instant, the words flows as I was listening to my heart.

ice9web, Love All


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Baby Dragon

Just for amusement I registered to a site in which I can own a dragon take care of it and visit it everyday... My Dragon is a female and has a water element and for the picture...



If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

© Aice Nice Poems