Monday, December 15, 2008

Know the Signs and Identify Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be publicly done without any knowledge of everybody it’s a harassment that affects someone, interferes with working or generate an awkward or unsympathetic work environment.
Sexual harassers can be female, although males are greatly more commonly reported than females. Sexual harassment is simple to recognize, and should be dealt with promptly.

How to Identify Sexual Harassment

By: eHow Careers & Work Editor

  1. Identify any unwelcome sexual advances. After making it clear that these advances are not acceptable, any continued advances are sexual harassment.

  2. Note any requests for sexual favors. Even if the person is not a superior, it is still sexual harassment.

  3. Listen for verbal conduct that is sexual in nature. It is not necessary that it be directed at a specific person. Any sexual discussions that makes another employee uncomfortable is considered sexual harassment.

  4. Pay attention to any physical conduct sexual in nature. Even shoulder massages are considered sexual harassment in some cases, depending on their nature. Inform the person that it creates an uncomfortable situation. If it continues, it is sexual harassment.

  5. Think about the effect of the behavior. Sexual harassment affects the person being harassed negatively. This impact can include any effect on employment based on the response to the sexual harassment, impact on work performance or a hostile or uncomfortable environment created by the sexual harassment.

  6. Recognize who the person responsible is. The person can be anyone. It is not even necessary that they are a coworker. Anyone who meets the criteria for sexual harassment that is in the workplace, even just visiting, could sexually harass employees.

Have you ever seen someone who act that way? Then somebody has to do something to make that person knows you have been harass it can via talking to the person or through actions. "Actions speaks louder than words".

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