Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogging From Home Testimonial

I just made a testimonial for Tita Janel in Blogging From Home book (^_^)
ahihihi. . .
You can check it here (^_^)

As I'm writing this, am here at the office for the last day of work in the year 2008... weeeiii! we are only 13 agents in Day Shift namely:
Jean Diaz
Mughinsa Murod
Joni Joy Gatmaitan
Beverly Suarez
Ma. Theresa Camartin
Gerard Lanzona
Henry Ong
Amy Lyn Minoy
Michelle Toledo
Ernest Brian Amarado
Micheal Villanueva
Geofrey John Rodriguez
Abigail Castro (half day)

and an AS Althone Borja
= total of 14 persons in this very huge office...
for the Pictures click here (^_^)


Monday, December 22, 2008

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation LeaveI have been on vacation leave for more than a week now (^_^) and luckily our plans to go at Samal beaches escapade/outing finally push through (it was the first time of Maribeth Borre)...

Our original plan was to go at Isla Reta since it was rainy and going to Isla Reta island is crossing open sea, very far, so we decided to go at Kaputian again malakas daw alon at delikado finally we got to Blue Jaz Resort.

The place was serene and peaceful, most of the people we saw there are decent and I also saw some foreigners, I guess the owner of Blue Jaz resort is a foreigner...

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation LeaveFacilities are complete and well design including the bathrooms with hot and cold showers, toilets, cottages and open cottage... I really like the place and want to go back there if I have a chance.
Here's the slide show picture

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

Eto ang nakakatawang stolen shot (^_^) murag lang siya hubog but actually he was very tired from his flight kakagaling lang niya night shift working at Accenture in Manila deretcho kagad Samal with us.
Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

For the overnight stay including the open cottage is P220 per head and the palm boat fee is 30 back and forth, all that expenses you can use all of the pools available in Blue Jaz resort and trampoline (I didn't dare to... because I heard my friends said their knees and waist was aching a bit).

There are closed cottages for P2,600 overnight stay (2:00pm to 12noon the following day) good for two persons (and I think additional pay of P300 per head in excess of two) with air-con and complete with bathroom and toilet I would like to try that in the future (^_^)

And dormitories are also available if you want to stay for a week or two...

Also bar, restaurant with wifi is available (actually pinag-isa lang ang bar at restaurant) but I would rate the Wifi as 3 out of 10 because when I used it cuts off most of the time but the signal was ok during the night I could rate it as 6 since I can't even load any of my blogs but just check emails and chat using Fring.

In Blue Jaz resort restaurant a small bottle of coke is P25, 1000ml of water is also P25, a cup of chocolate drink is again P25 (we ordered in the early morning as we were having breakfast) and a cup of hot water is P5 so in short I think its better if you bring sachets of tea bags, coffee, or chocolate drink for practicality.
Surprisingly Blue Jaz resort bar have all kinds of basic drinks including alcoholic.

We brought a red wine along with us, we thought it was also included in corsage of P220 (overnight stay) as I talked with a lady via phone "you can bring food and drinks".

The bottle of wine was so obvious because (we just bought it at Victoria Plaza before going to Maryknol Beach Side resort where the Blue Jaz palm-boat is waiting) it was in Carlos Rossi bag.
T'was a good thing all of us were honest, and said "sorry we really didn't know". So the lady then said to stay in down in open cottage before going up, because we can be charge for another 300 pesos bringing that wine.

Day time charge is P90 that is from 6:00am to 2:00pm as they said but I saw most of them are going home around 4:00pm. For the overnight stay its P220 from 2:00pm to 12noon the following day.

Blue Jaz Samal Vacation Leave

You can call Blue Jaz resort at 082 302-2411 and 082 303-1117, for more photos of my experiences click here.

and for the Fire Dancing videos in Blue Jaz Resort you can see it here


Monday, December 15, 2008

Know the Signs and Identify Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be publicly done without any knowledge of everybody it’s a harassment that affects someone, interferes with working or generate an awkward or unsympathetic work environment.
Sexual harassers can be female, although males are greatly more commonly reported than females. Sexual harassment is simple to recognize, and should be dealt with promptly.

How to Identify Sexual Harassment

By: eHow Careers & Work Editor

  1. Identify any unwelcome sexual advances. After making it clear that these advances are not acceptable, any continued advances are sexual harassment.

  2. Note any requests for sexual favors. Even if the person is not a superior, it is still sexual harassment.

  3. Listen for verbal conduct that is sexual in nature. It is not necessary that it be directed at a specific person. Any sexual discussions that makes another employee uncomfortable is considered sexual harassment.

  4. Pay attention to any physical conduct sexual in nature. Even shoulder massages are considered sexual harassment in some cases, depending on their nature. Inform the person that it creates an uncomfortable situation. If it continues, it is sexual harassment.

  5. Think about the effect of the behavior. Sexual harassment affects the person being harassed negatively. This impact can include any effect on employment based on the response to the sexual harassment, impact on work performance or a hostile or uncomfortable environment created by the sexual harassment.

  6. Recognize who the person responsible is. The person can be anyone. It is not even necessary that they are a coworker. Anyone who meets the criteria for sexual harassment that is in the workplace, even just visiting, could sexually harass employees.

Have you ever seen someone who act that way? Then somebody has to do something to make that person knows you have been harass it can via talking to the person or through actions. "Actions speaks louder than words".

Read more about form of harassment find out here.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nice Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays (^_^)
Here are the Christmas songs from the chipmunks

And some christmas history I have research:...

Christmas w/ Chipmunks

  • 1600's: The Puritans made it illegal to mention St. Nicolas' name. People were not allowed to exchange gifts, light a candle, or sing Christmas carols.

  • 17th century: Dutch immigrants brought with them the legend of Sinter Klaas.

  • 1773: Santa first appeared in the media as St. A Claus.

  • 1804: The New York Historical Society was founded with St. Nicolas as its patron saint. Its members engaged in the Dutch practice of gift-giving at Christmas.

  • 1809: Washington Irving, writing under the pseudonym Diedrich Knickerbocker, included Saint Nicolas in his book "A History of New York." Nicolas is described as riding into town on a horse.

  • 1812: Irving, revised his book to include Nicolas riding over the trees in a wagon.

  • 1821: William Gilley printed a poem about "Santeclaus" who was dressed in fur and drove a sleigh drawn by a single reindeer.

  • 1822: Dentist Clement Clarke Moore is believed by many to have written a poem "An Account of a Visit from Saint Nicolas," which became better known as "The Night before Christmas." Santa is portrayed as an elf with a miniature sleigh equipped with eight reindeer which are named in the poem as Blitzem, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donder, Prancer, and Vixen. Others attribute the poem to a contemporary, Henry Livingston, Jr. Two have since been renamed Donner and Blitzen.

  • 1841: J.W. Parkinson, a Philadelphia merchant, hired a man to dress up in a "Criscringle" outfit and climb the chimney of his store.

  • 1863: Illustrator Thomas Nast created images of Santa for the Christmas editions of Harper's Magazine. These continued through the 1890's.

  • 1860s: President Abraham Lincoln asked Nast to create a drawing of Santa with some Union soldiers. This image of Santa supporting the enemy had a demoralizing influence on the Confederate army -- an early example of psychological warfare.

  • 1897: Francis P Church, Editor of the New York Sun, wrote an editorial in response to a letter from an eight year-old girl, Virginia O'Hanlon. She had written the paper asking whether there really was a Santa Claus. It has become known as the "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" letter.

  • 1920's: The image of Santa had been standardized to portray a bearded, over-weight, jolly man dressed in a red suit with white trim.

  • 1931: Haddon Sundblom, illustrator for The Coca-Cola ™ company drew a series of Santa images in their Christmas advertisements until 1964. The company holds the trademark for the Coca-Cola Santa design. Christmas ads including Santa continue to the present day.

  • 1939: Copywriter Robert L. May of the Montgomery Ward Company created a poem about Rudolph, the ninth reindeer. May had been "often taunted as a child for being shy, small and slight." He created an ostracized reindeer with a shiny red nose who became a hero one foggy Christmas eve. Santa was part-way through deliveries when the visibility started to degenerate. Santa added Rudolph to his team of reindeer to help illuminate the path. A copy of the poem was given free to Montgomery Ward customers.

  • 1949: Johnny Marks wrote the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Rudolph was relocated to the North Pole where he was initially rejected by the other reindeer who wouldn't let him play in their reindeer games because of his strange looking nose. The song was recorded by Gene Autry and became his all-time best seller. Next to "White Christmas" it is the most popular song of all time.

  • 1993: An urban folk tale began to circulate about a Japanese department store displaying a life-sized Santa Claus being crucified on a cross. It never happened.

  • 1997: Artist Robert Cenedella drew a painting of a crucified Santa Claus. It was displayed in the window of the New York's Art Students League and received intense criticism from some religious groups. His drawing was a protest. He attempted to show how Santa Claus had replaced Jesus Christ as the most important personality at Christmas time.


The popularity of Christmas was spurred on in 1820 by Washington Irving's book The Keeping of Christmas at Bracebridge Hall. In 1834, Britain's Queen Victoria brought her German husband, Prince Albert, into Windsor Castle, introducing the tradition of the Christmas tree and carols that were held in Europe to the British Empire. A week before Christmas in 1834, Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol (in which he wrote that Scrooge required Cratchit to work, and that the US Congress met on Christmas Day). It was so popular that neither the churches nor the governments could not ignore the importance of Christmas celebrations. In 1836, Alabama became the first state in the US to declare Christmas a legal holiday. In 1837, T.H. Hervey's The Book of Christmas also became a best seller. In 1860, American illustrator Thomas Nast borrowed from the European stories about Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, to create Father Christmas (Santa Claus). In 1907, Oklahoma became the last US state to declare Christmas a legal holiday. Year by year, countries all over the world started to recognise Christmas as the day for celebrating the birth of Jesus. source:

Whatever the history of Christmas, what's important is that we celebrate it whole heartedly... meaning giving without expecting something in return I guess that is the main reason that we have to celebrate something in a year to remind us that "Giving" is the essence of "Christ" living in our heart.

If you look into my eyes
will you see my love for you?
If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
we will be together for eternity,
The right moment will come
our bond shall be filled with God's Blessings and Security.

© Aice Nice Poems