Monday, July 28, 2008

My Dreams: Nightmares meaning of Love?

For the past months I have nightmares, and am well aware not all nightmares means bad dreams, it really depends upon the dream.

Last Friday July 25, 2008 I was scheduled for 7:00am to 4:00pm shift. I didn’t slept well actually I was awake 2:00am because of this dream, I hurried to get up thinking it was already 5:00am then when I looked on my mobile it was only 2am then I went went (hardly) back to sleep.

Then I was awake again by this dream and this time it was already 4:00am I told myself “GOODNESS will I ever have a good night sleep!” its very late for me to go back to sleep again because I might not wake up before 5:00am since I have a 7:00am shift, so what I did was to just close my eyes and pray, until I heard my alarm and get ready for work.

Around 2:00pm I was very tired and sleepy at work, I have to amuse myself so I chat with some of my officemates who always makes me smile and laugh. While drinking coffee so there I was awake. I went back to my task in WordPress around 3:00pm again my brain is not functioning well I couldn’t think well because I was really sleepy… I feel like if I lay down in bed now I would be fast asleep right away.

So anyway, I know time is near for me to leave (4:00pm) so I just answered all the chats of my officemates then said goodbye to them. Without them knowing I was really heading home (^_^).

I just disappeared at the office around 4:30pm.

To know what are my dreams just click here. (Y_Y)


Thursday, July 24, 2008

The main causes of liver damage are:

Have you ever tell yourself I don't drink so I will NOT have any liver damage?
hmmm then you are wrong... there are so many things you are not aware that causes liver damage and should be avoided before its too late... so read on...

What are the causes of Liver Damage?

  1. Not urinating in the morning. kaya inom kayo ng madaming tubig bago matulog para may ihi pag-gising

  2. Too much eating. kapag hindi kayo matunawan yung excess food can cause poisonous substance that will let your liver work extra hard to remove it

  3. Consuming too much medication. again the excess chemicals in your system will let the liver work hard to neutralize it

  4. Consuming too much preservatives, additives, food coloring , and artificial sweetener. same reasons as above

  5. Skipping breakfast. eto ewan ko anong relation? siguro kasi maging acidic yung stomach natin?

  6. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil. As much as possible reduce cooking oil use when frying, which includes even the best cooking oils like olive oil. yeah too much excess fat will damage the liver

  7. Do not consume fried foods when you are tired, except if the body is very fit. kasi kapag tired ka mahina resistance so mahina din pang-tunaw

  8. Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause. well your body can't recuperate from damage cells if you're not resting very well

  9. Consuming raw (and overly done) food raw foods have bacteria because it is not cooked very well specially on meats... now overly done food are black means it develop nother poisonous chemical reactions (diba parang may uling na yung food kapag sunod na siya pangit yun)

Foods also add to the burden of liver.
Veggies should be eaten raw or cooked 3-5 parts. so that you can consume its medicinal values (^_^) Fried veggies should be finished in one sitting, do not store. oh really pano nalang kung nagtitipid?
We should prevent this without necessarily spending more. We just have to adopt a good daily lifestyle and eating habits. Maintaining good eating habits and time condition are very important for our bodies to absorb and get rid of unnecessary chemicals according to 'schedule.' ah sige sige wag kayo magluluto ng hindi mauubos pero gastos din yan sa gas diba?

Because Evening at 9 - 11 PM:
is the time for eliminating unnecessary toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes).
This time duration should be spent by relaxing or listening to music. If during this time a housewife is still in an unrelaxed state such as washing the dishes or monitoring children doing their homework, this will have a negative impact on health. kaya nga we must be in bed on 21:00

Evening at 11pm - 1 am:
is the detoxification process in the liver, and ideally should be done in a deep sleep state. yeah this are one major reason its more healthier to be in day shift

Early morning 1 - 3 am:
detoxification process in the gall, also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

Early morning 3 - 5 am:
detoxification in the lungs. Therefore there will sometimes be a severe cough for cough sufferers during this time. Since the detoxification process had reached the respiratory tract, there is no need to take cough medicine so as not to interfere with toxin removal process. before I had my cough attack before during this time ganon pala yun

Morning 5 - 7am:
detoxification in the colon, you should empty your bowel. oh what if you can't bowel this time? hala!

Morning 7 - 9 am:
absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, you should be having breakfast at this time. Breakfast should be earlier, before 6:30 am , for those who are sick. Breakfast before 7:30 am is very beneficial to those wanting to stay fit. Those who always skip breakfast, they should change their habits, and it is still better to eat breakfast late until 9 - 10 am rather than no meal at all..I ussually eat my breakfast around 6:30 to 7:00am during office weekdays and 8:00am during weekend (^_^)

Sleeping so late and waking up too late will disrupt the process of removing unnecessary chemicals. Aside from that, midnight to 4:00 am is the time when the bone marrow produces blood. Therefore, have a good sleep and don't sleep late. kaya pala anemic kapag sige puyat (Y_Y)

Enjoy life!!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strong Coffee Award (^_^)

This award came from Jigs and Jacob. Maraming salamat sa inyo. gosh sino kaya ang may gawa ng imahe na eto? si jigs? si jacob? or si Isaac? (^_^)
and so to return the favor eto po ay aking ibibigay kay na:

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to interpret Dreams?

Dreams, Panaginip have you ever wonder what are the meaning of your dreams?
or you just let them be, and go on with your life after you wake up?

If you can't remember your dreams, do you want to know the steps in how to remember dreams?

As for me, I'm a Lucid Dreamer meaning I dream every time I go to sleep and yes I remember them all very clearly, before I even keep a dream journal/diary, but that was before I started college, then I didn't write my dreams anymore unless it was something really weird and very real.

I remember when I was 13 to 25y/o I have so many dreams every time I go to sleep that I don't even know if I'm living on the real world or dream world because most of my dreams continues when I go to sleep again, maniwala kayo or hindi ganon ako
Until such time I research thru books and Internet even on TV shows about dream interpretation...
I don't know if you guys are watching Dr. Dreams during (before) noon time shows at TV, He interprets dreams right away as soon as someone tells him, I was such a big fan of him that I communicate with him thru emails, his name was Roger Ruiz AKA Dr. Dreams, my dreams was interpret by him thru one magazine "Women Magazine", hmmm maybe I can show a photo-shot of that Magazine here because I did kept it. I have to find it asap (^_^)

Thru my communications with Roger Ruiz in so many years via mobile and emails he also thought me how to interpret dreams, since He said I was gifted
(sabi niya according to his interpretations sa mga dreams ko, maiba ako; nag-wonder bah kayo why I love "Eyes" as the symbol of my blog? and do you know what kind of Eye is that? because it was connected to dreams, I will explain this on my future posts not now (^_^) ahihih)

Anyway, going back to Dreaming:

How to have Lucid Dreaming

I would base this suggestions according to my experience and nothing more ok, so it is really up to you if you follow to believe or just ignore it when it doesn't work (^_^) click here!

Never rule yourself just your own always pray to be guided by Lord God and He always let you decide in the end. ~Aice

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Calvary Chapel: My First Visit

Since I was really anticipating for so many months to go on Bible Study, but I have so many reasons not to go, I just can’t understand why I ended up not going, but today I have manage to have my first visit.

I text dux “I’m ready, see you at the Calvary” she replied happily “yey! See you”

Anyway, I was quite nervous being myself, but on the other hand I’m very sure it was right thing to do.
When I arrive at the place, I wasn’t sure where’s the entrance, it was seem to be closed but I can hear some singing, then someone from the inside opened the door, I entered quietly with smile, then she gave me a small pamphlet, offered me a sit, I didn’t sit right away but instead look around getting familiar with the place and text Dux I’m already here. She already text me before hand that she is in charge at the projector so I know she was the lady in the projector (^_^) although I wanted to sit at the front but its too much for a first visit being in front right away! (why not coconut but uhm still very shy).

There were singing, and then reading from the Bible was very well said and explained that I didn’t notice the time it was already 11:00am

The lesson for today is all about worship and miracle of prayers. I learned a lot and agree with all being said. I remembered all those times I prayed whole heartedly and it was really answered. When the crutches was accidentally drop from the building. When I wish to spend time with my crush ahihihih! Pero hindi ko na siya crush ngayon.. why? I have one very good reason. “Thou shall not commit adultery”. I have recordings of some teachings I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post in a blog I have to ask permission first

Anyway, after the Bible study, singing Christian songs… and prayers… then ended.
Me and Dux got a chance to talk for awhile, EJ and Verma or Berma was introduce to me both of them really sings very well, Nice Voices! It was like a live concert.

I was impressed of the church setup, surround speakers with mixers and very comfortable place although our chairs was plastic I must say atmosphere really matters the most or shall I say the ambiance handles conformance (^_^) ewan lumabas lang yan sa isip ko (^_^)basta yun na yun .


Seminar at NCCC Mall of Davao

July 5, 2008 Saturday:
Yesterday, (bale July 4) I’m happy to receive an information from Cesar Noel about the seminar to be held July 5, Saturday around 1:00pm to 7:00pm since it was Saturday afternoon it was 90% sure I can attend although on the back of my mind I have 10% of saying “not to attend” as I want to reserve energy for Sunday at Calvary which is my first time to attend too.

Anyway, going back to the main topic: Seminar at NCCC Mall of Davao 4th floor AmpiTheater or is it 1st floor activity center?
Which is which! In that witch I mean which (^_^) gave me the feeling of “high in ecstasy of excitement to falling from Mt. Apo”

Here’s what happen: maaga pa lang, I was really excited to go to NCCC Mall of Davao I made it assure that most of my officemates will attend para bibo and I told them thru chat will text you on my smart sim number, I told them I used it occasionally because this is the SMART SIM I used way back in college when I was so active in activities since all of the members are using SMART SIM they would prefer to text same network because of unlimited service.
(hindi ko binili etong super sim3 from SMART, I wish to have a SMART SIM for peer counselor’s, then all of the sudden SMART text me on my Globe number, that “I have one SMART super SIM3 since am one of the loyal subscribers of Globe (more than 5yrs) they are asking my full address and the SIM will be mailed, hesitant of course, I didn’t gave them our home address instead I gave them mailbox address in our school, (since I was an officer at our university parati ako nasa Guidance Office I will know if there are new mails before they post the names)

Going back again in the seminar: wahahaha! NCCC Mall of Davao
So ayon na nga! Morning of July 5, I communicate with officemates… most of them replied back saying they will attend, and one which is more excited than me na parang pareho kami sobrang excited he told me he will surely attend, ayon! I was so happy yey! Madami kaming a-attend. I ate my breakfast around 9:30am para hindi na ako mag-lunch kasi malayo yun NCCC Mall of Davao Ma-a siya, from our house almost one 45mins yun byahe so dapat aalis ako 12noon para makarating ako at least 12:30 kung hindi traffic
I came there around 12:30, before hand I already received a text asking me “Sis, where is the venue here” I replied “sa taas 4th floor un parang convention hall mag elevator ka para madali and please reserve sit na for me please I’m now on my second jeep I will be there in 10mins time” he didn’t replied…
then malapit na ako NCCC Mall of Davao, I received Cesar text asking if me and the officemates are going, I replied him “nan dito na nga ako yah and yes sure sila attend”

Nan doon na nga ako NCCC Mall of Davao so I text my officemate “I’m here at chowking 1st floor san kana, did you saw the venue?” he replied “puntahan kita dyan” I was surprise telling myself “WHAT!!! anong puntahan, bakit mo ako pupuntahan dapat naka register kana at least para mayron kana ma reserve na sit” but instead I replied him “ok w8tn d2”
Siguro 1min lang he was there in front of me telling asking “sis, I really can’t find it, san bah talaga?” so I was very sure where it was kasi its really not my first time to attend on seminar at NCCC Mall of Davao,

He told me while we were walking that, you see the last time I attended seminar sa 4th floor man yun siya, pero lahi ra gyud karon bah” nasa elevator na kaming dalawa I text my other officemates I’m now going to the venue nasa NCCC Mall of Davao asking them where they are…etc… may nag reply, “san bah talaga venue?” hindi muna ako nag reply not until I will be there at the venue to be sure, nasa 4th floor na nga kami waa! To my surprise, I told him, iba lagi ang itchura dari, anong nangyari dito Parang iba lagi,

So anyway padayon lang gyapon kami, nakita ko yun place it was empty! Nothing was there except 3 guards asking us “where are you going mam /sir?” so I replied right away “sa Seminar yun Cyber Expo” the guard replied “oh its on the 1st floor sa activity center” I thought “ngee! Activity center nakita ko yun ha magulo doon maingay, anong seminar doon gagawain?!”

then my friend replied “sure siya doon gagawain parang wala man upoan doon” tapos nag reply yung guard “actually I really don’t think there was seminar there, kasi contest of games yun, 50pesos entrance then you can win 25k to 100k prizes” my thoughts were “waaa ganon!!!”

I replied him “sure kasi ako na seminar yun attendnan namin baka may iba pang place dito na venue for that” the guard replied “I really don’t know ma’am NO information for that we all know the event will be July 4 to 7 it was just gaming contest and nothing more”
So umalis nalang kaming dalawa, while walking we talked “baka hindi ngayon yung date or baka maling mall yung na post doon etc…”
We went to 3rd floor go around the whole 3rd floor of NCCC Mall of Davao hanggang dulo wala talagang NO venue for that
Punta ulit ng 2nd floor wala parin
Until we were there at 1st floor at activity center again!, we observe and look at the area inikot talaga naming dalawa, I asked him with a smile “care to play games” and he replied with laugh “waa! Wla ko plano nalagot na ko” I told him “ako din actually deep inside me I felt like falling from Mt. Apo bah excited bya ko ka’ayo ganina tapos ano man eto oi ang gulo ha!” and he replied “ako pud murag waaa!” he even describe thru actions how his excitement was drop dead!

Until such we looked for a place to sit ended up at the food court. I communicate with my officemates dami ko nang na receive na text messages I didn’t reply right away gusto ko ma sure muna bago ako mag reply, they were asking where I was, san yun venue etc… pupunta na sila,

so I replied one by one, “nah! Walay klaro dari oi, naa ko food court kita tayo dito usap nalang tayo personal” there at the food court we all talked joking around about the venue and the seminar “baka un 3D painting at wall kasi yung 4th floor ngayon under-renovation baka yun ang seminar how to pain in 3D at wall since it was all bare!” tapos “yung alikabok doon CMS na yun ang gagawain Code for Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, mao na to siya”

waaa!!! we were laughing our nuisance away to calm ourselves then one said “charge to experience! Hindi na gyud ko ani bah makalagot charge to experience gyud ni” I just told them actually I’m texting Cesar now “wait lang ta” me and Cesar argued at text he said “sa 4th floor lang ice katong dati gud AmpiTheater” hindi na ako nag reply kasi nainis ako tapos I receive another text from cesar saying “nan dito pala ako sa G/F sa may jollibee kita tayo dito” someone joke around, then I replied a joke “unsa na siya mag seminar ta jollibee! Tapos libre merrienda?!”
I asked them punta daw tayo jollibee? They replied “nah doon na kami galing bah wla baya,
An officemate text me saying “he is now at jollibee kausap niya cesar wla pa man daw start yun seminar hintayin matapos un games”

Waa! Noon nalaman ng mga kasamahan ko hintayin matapos un games all of them wanted “NOT to GO anymore” because it was very clear 1pm then what time na! its almost 2:30pm, ako din naiinis narin walay klaro!...

so I text cesar about what my insights was, close narin kami to tell each other honestly, what cesar did was to call my mobile, he told me “punta nalang lagi doon bah kay naa lagi seminar, sabi ko walay klaro, sabi niya, klaro lagi naa na baya si Ria dito, sa akoa isip “well I really don’t see any sits or any banner that says seminar it only says GAMING Contest!”
So I told cesar “text mo nalang where kami punta kasi maingay I can’t hear you well” so he text me… I told that to my officemates, what will be our decisions, one says I want to go to the movies, the other says mamasyal nalang kami oi saying oras, then another says “hay nah nahulog gyud ako sa expectations ko hindi ko akalain ganito excited pa naman ako” I replied same here wala pa akong lunch kasi sobrang excited 9:30am baya ako last kumain

Some officemates at the 1st floor telling me meron daw pero hindi pa nag start… last decision was mine they were waiting what will be our moves…

so I trusted my instinct and said “tara! Kausapin ko muna Cesar personal para magkaintindihan, Lets give him one chance tara! Tingnan natin kung ano bah talaga tapos kung wala gyud malaman man yan sa estorya namin ni Cesar then we can all go where we want to go tara! Dali, baba nalang muna tayo”

So there nagkita kami ni Cesar, medyo nakasimangot gyud siya ai, ako man din ganon mukha, pero I told myself “temper temper control your temper its really not Cesar’s fault he is not even the organizer” I kept telling that to myself because I really don’t want to blame Cesar for anything and I definitely want to control the words that will go out of my mouth since my temper is really high and we are on public place and again it is NOT Cesar’s Fault.

I let Cesar talk first, listen and ask him few question, then I looked at my officemates sense if they are also listening to Cesar, since I sense there are little bit of chance about 30% they really wanted to see the Seminar, I said to Cesar “sige kung papasok kami ngayon dito bale may upuan talaga doon walang bayad or anything then may Seminar gyud?” he said “yes tanawa nalang, naa na didto sila Ma’am Ivy” I replied “sige ok pasok na kami yah ha”, and I also text my other officemates I’m at the “venue”, now waiting to start.

But I receive a feedback saying “the place is really inappropriate for seminar it's really noisy ha! Ano mag sabi muna na to all gamers please be silent may seminar ganon?” ako ay natawa sa feedback niya! (^_^) may point talaga siya promise!

I replied “hmm sabi pataposin daw un games, matapos na maya2x” somebody replied “hay nako naga games baya ako matagal gyud matapos ang games”

Actually my allergies' activating since the place is very dusty and aircon tubes are present so I need to breathe myself and I’m very hungry na! 3pm na baya!

Me and Joy decided to go out and eat first, I also told myself my temper is still at hand, nakakainis ha! Sabi ko dali joy kain muna tayo alis muna tayo…
But actually at the back of my mind 50/50 chance of going back coz it’s really noisy and dusty

Then the only thing that let me go back there was the text from Francis and Cesar saying nag start na 3D animation so joy and I got back in there.

Waaa! Ang ingay parin can’t understand well, but anyway since we are computer literate we can understand nalang; with the projector all the steps was illustrated.

I was sneezing every now and then, my allergies are activated gggrrrrr, just controlling it not to cough, I told myself after joomla aalis na ako I’m 100% sure hindi ko na kaya taposin eto waaa!

Suddenly, my mobile rang; an officemate called, asking “how was the seminar” I replied “oh gosh I’m at the back seat can’t understand well it’s very noisy in here because of gaming parang palenke!”,
my officemate said “sige dili nalang siguro ako punta”,
I said “oh sige, pero ok lang magpunta ka wag ka lang mag expect
We said goodbye and ended our conversation.

Sorry ha, I told my seat mate, I’m just telling the truth, kapag magsabi ko punta ka maganda it means it’s really worth it.

On the brighter side!

There were books given away Adobe Photoshop Elements for Dummies, but I got the feeling those books was intended for students.
Also T-shirts were given to selected few, and I was lucky to have a pen from Acrobat because of my smile. ahihihih Pretty smile daw! (^_^)

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures taken at the event, but I do have recordings of speech from Adobe Acrobat and Joomla (Jun Macarambon), sayang talaga hindi ko narinig yung kay Blogie about wordpress I just told Cesar “sawa na ako wordpress” since it was always my client’s projects but I do want to listen to Blogie’s presentation but then since I have recently develop an allergies;
Number One reason: my allergies’ getting worse I can’t breathe well…
Second someone text me about the disability day this coming July 17 (as an ADAP member Assoc. of Differently Able Person) they wanted me to at least know what are the new republic act 9442 for person with disabilities.

After Jun Macarambon presentation, I decided to withdraw some money because I really need to buy medicine for my allergies (again! Gggrrrrr kalagot!)

Hopefully if another seminar at NCCC Mall of Davao will not be as bad as this.

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If you look at my lips
will you know it's meant for you?

Everything happens for reasons...
Every moment has its own seasons...

The right time will come,
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The right moment will come
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