Sunday, August 19, 2007

Balot vs. Kwek-kwek

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What's more delicious and nutritious?
Balot or Kwek-kwek?

This post are inspired by my office sit mates, they are Wilmer who thought of this on the first place and Cliff who said with laugh that its an interesting funny topic ^_^

Well, it all started when I was asking my sit mates, if we could go out and eat balot for snacks (because we are on the night shift) or if there is a balot vendor near by, Cliff said that yes, they are everywhere, but I don’t think we can hear them inside the office if ever they do passed by… then Wilmer said “hmm that is very interesting topic for blog ‘balot and kwek-kwek’” and we all laugh with giggles when Michael heard it he said with a smile “grabe na mashado isip niyo bah balot & kwek2x pinatolan!” sabi ko gutom lang po (kaya ayon na message tuloy ako ni OIC na sige daw kami tawa)

And so here we are, my nice thoughts of kwek-kwek and Balot… bow!

The balot:
I have been eating this very own “Only in the Philippines” food since I was a child I really can’t remember the first time or my exact age when I first ate balot maybe around 5 to 7… anyway the bottom line is that I like the taste of it, with juices and aroma that makes your mouth crave to eat the healthy hi-protein balot.. it is made of boiled quail eggs (Wilmer was shock to hear this because he thought that it was boiled chicken eggs) it is NOT quail po as in pato in Tagalog.

Two kinds of balot the penoy and balot itself, when you say penoy it means it is like boiled chicken egg without the chick or there is very tiny chick with juice (this is what I like the most) but when it is balot it has a chick with feathers and you can feel the bones (chick) in your mouth it also has more juice, they said its more healthy and hi-protein to eat balot than penoy. One balot these days cost around 12pesos up.

The kwek-kwek:
For us to really know what this Filipino cuisine is lets just see what is the recipe behind:

1. Boil the eggs. Peel and set aside.

2. For the batter ingredients combine:
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup flour, 1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. baking powder
and mix in 1 cup ice water (ice water po tubig po galling sa akin)
Pass through a sieve to remove lumps. Add yellow food coloring.

3. Heat the cooking oil for dip frying.
Dip quail eggs in batter then fry until golden brown.
Serve with vinegar, chili (optional), sliced cucumber, salt to taste.
Or the sauce of more social way use “thousand island dressing”.

But mostly here in Davao what I saw are serve with vinegar, chili, sliced cucumber which I also love I first ate this cuisine when I was in college because most of my classmates specially during festival or any events in our school they always announce “dali palit na ta kwek2x naa nay bagong luto 5 naman” then I would ask “ano yan?” so there to my curiosity I ate it and found it delicious.
One kwek-kwek cost around 7 and up with cucumber and sauce.

Although those two delicacies are delicious for me, I still need feedback from you guys because I know there are some who doesn’t really like balot or kwek-kwek, why do you think so?

Ang balot at kwek-kwek… Bow! ^_^

I do miss my previous sit mates kasi naman nalipat ako sa other side, tapos silang tatlo magkatabi T_T ako lang naiba upoan waaa!!!

Ate Tess huhuhu miss our sweet usapan si Melissa one night stand kami eh! as in one night lang kami nagkasama pero in that one night waaa sobra ingay namin, kahit dalawa lang kami Kuya Mark waaa miss na talaga kita, kasi masarap siya kasama & he lights up my night talaga kahit kulang kapa sa tulog kaya eto miss ko na po kayo!

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AoV outsourcing to the Philippines, AoV Outsourcing service and Outsource to the Philippines AoV

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